Should i get this or that?!! NEED HELP


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Aug 18, 2009
My girlfriend's birthday is coming up and she's always been a big fan of monogram ANYTHING, especially jewelry. I've came across this new brand call_ ALBEIT JEWELRY ( The necklaces are really different and hung horizontally across the neck. I think my gf will absolutely LOVE how delicate they are. Or do you guys think the Jennifer Zeuner's ( squigly initials are better? Thanks guys for the help and suggestions!



Apr 10, 2009
I like the one on the left as well. I think it would really depend on her overall style, but I think that one on the left is more versatile. I have definately admired the uniqueness of the other one in the past.

If you're not totally set on either of those necklaces you should check out Helen Ficalora's alphabet charms. You can do her initials or hers and yours. She also does other little charms that can be added over time. I love mine and get compliments on them all the time. Here's a pic of Blake Lively wearing hers