Should I get this? Opinions?

  1. I was thinking of getting the Hamptons signature medium carryall. What do you guys think of this? I want it in the khaki.
  2. :shocked:....Oh my!...that is one gorgeous bag! I'm not really into Coach but, I could be now!:drool: Definitely get the khaki, it looks soo classy.
  3. I adore Coach, it's my first love. I say go for it!! I thought I was "over" the khaki but now I am reconsidering!
  4. I think its a beautiful bag!! Its a good size and the design is modern without being trendy. I think you could get a lot of use of it!
  5. I want that bag in red or black. I missed the boat on the black one. I saw it at an outlet back in April but couldn't justify the $$$.
  6. Seen it in stores it's the only bag that I loved!!! Love the classic khaki signature w/ the brown leather trim TDF! You should get it & post pics.
  7. YES!!! this is the bag i just bought a couple weeks back! like pursefanatic said, it's the only bag i fell in love with (and just to make sure i didn't do impulse buying, i went to every other major department store to look there, too. and kept falliing in love with the same bag..)
    i LOVE it. it's so much roomier than it looks, too.
  8. [​IMG]
    and now you all know how crummy i dress for school, lol. (in my defense, it's rainy and gross outside, so i can justify a hoodie...)
  9. I think it's not only gorgeous, but it's timeless. The color and style will make this bag drool-worthy for many years to come!
  10. Super cute bag. Go for it!!!
  11. It is so pretty in real life! :yes: GO for it! :biggrin:
  12. It's really pretty I love it too. You should definitely get it.

    Unfortunately I carry too much so the medium carryall is not big enough for me. Now I'm debating between the large carryall and the book tote. I like the shape of the carryall, but I'm petite so I wonder if the book tote would fit me better. Sorry I probably divert too much :smile:.
  13. get it!
  14. I think it's gorgeous...Go for it!!!
  15. It's a beauty! I would definitely buy it.