Should I get this one?

  1. Hiya,

    I've never been a really big fan of Hugo Boss stuff, but boy, I was in for a (pleasant) surprise when I was dragged into one of the HB shops by my boyfriend yesterday! They have a really interesting selection of bags and accessories!

    There's this particular one that really caught my eye (see pic)'s 100% calf skin w/detachable strap (38cm x 38cm x 10cm)..the bag reminds me of Chloe's Edith (with the roomy front pocket)-which I can't afford at the moment..and it's retailing at USD475.00 (a little steep but is within my budget) you think I should get it?

  2. It's very cute - I like the fabric strips under the leather. But only you can make the call about getting it!! ;)
  3. it´s a cool looking and still functional bag....go for it! :yes:
  4. Oh, I really like that!

    I say if the quality is there...worth the price tag...go for it!

    Hugo Boss, huh? I might have to check those out!
  5. You're right, it does look like a Edith. It you like it and the leather seems good quality go for it.
  6. i like it, looks like you can put a bunch of your stuff in it. if you like it go for it. :yes:
  7. I really like the looks of it a lot. If it has the features you're looking for, you should go for it!!
  8. To all you wonderful people,

    Thank y'all for the encouragement!:party:

    I think i SHALL get it!..oooh...I'm feeling the andrenalin rush right now..will go get this this weekend..can't wait!!!yipppeeeee!!!:yahoo:
  9. If you feel that adrenalin rush- the bag is definately for you. Get it, get it, get it!!
  10. I like. I like. :smile: I am a fan of HB men's clothing lines. Great prices too. This bag does kind of remind me of the Edith but I still say buy it and love it!
  11. It does, doesn't it!!! An if you have the chance, you should check out the HB Orange Label Womans collection..really groovy clothes..and the bags..gosh there's this leather frame bag that's so now and happening..I especially like the mini version of the bag that you can use as an evening clutch..gosh I wish I could find the pictures to show y'all..