Should I get this one?

  1. My SA called me saying that she has a Gucci one on hold for me. It is down fro 1650 to around 6xx.xx...should I get it? decision....decision....
  2. Its CUTE!. its a classic~
  3. Definetely. I can't really tell but are the straps brown? Totally versatile & looks like a good size. Plus for $6xx.xx it's a deal
  4. yes, you should get it. this is on sale? that's a good price.
  5. Yes!
  6. very cute, yay!
  7. yes, it's super cute!:biggrin::yes:
  8. for a deal like that, and if you really like it, why not?!
  9. Yes, if that is a style you like.
  10. ^^^ I agree w/ winternight.. get it if it's your style.
  11. Oh yes that's a keeper.
  12. Yes get it especially if its that cheap.
  13. if you don't get it, pm me! lol no not kidding.
  14. it's so nice. get it!!
  15. Absolutely!!!
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