Should I get this old love?

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  1. When the monogram camouflage speedy first came out I loved it but could not get it. Now I saw a few of them lingering in online reseller store and was tempted to get one but wondered why people sold them? Are they not as cute as I thought it would be? Or maybe not as much use? Appreciate feedback from mono camouflage owners :smile:
  2. People sell things because they don't want them anymore. They could be over the style or just need the money. It's kinda difficult to speculate on why, if you LVoe it, you should buy it!
  3. The colors would be so nice for the fall/winter months. I like that bag. You should go for it if you like it. I would prefer this over Kusama. Not lovin' those dots.
  4. Buy what you love, dear. People selling theirs for many reasons which may not even close to what you've concerned them about ;) Buy the bag and enjoy it :smile: