Should I get this? Need help.

  1. I've just been offered a Birkin 35cm Vache Fjord in Rouge Hermes with Palladium h/w from the boutique. I don't have a 35cm cos I'm just 5"2 and always thought it's too large for my frame.

    Is it? Would the petite ladies buy this? I'm not sure about Vache Fjord either. Is it a good leather to own? I love the color though.
  2. Can you go and try it on?
  3. well, I am a little bit over 5" and actually carry a 35 box for my work commuting bag! I personally love it.

    I agree with Rose that you should try it out though. I always thought that a 35 would be too big for me, but when I saw my current 35 sized bag I actually fell in love with this size! (I also have a 30 Birkin which I use on the weekend)
  4. Must be a beauty! I'm quite the same height and the size is not an issue, but the weight of the bag is. Mine is Togo so I don't know if Fjord is the same weight.
  5. I agree weight is the biggest factor.

    However, I thought I read that Fjord was one of the more heavier leathers?!
  6. Rose is right. Go and try it first.

    I just pick up a Rouge H 30cm (I am 5'5' and 118lbs), but in clemence. I did look at a 35cm in Fjord, but it is heavy and the colour is darker than my clemence. In the end, it is your opinion that matters. Get your wallet and head to the stores.
  7. I tried it on. It looks ok, but I have a feeling it's big. Maybe I'm just too used to a 30cm. Plus, the bigger the bag, the more junk I tend to carry around. Now that you ladies point it out, it IS heavy.
  8. Size is one consideration, weight is another. I personally would not do fjord too. (Sorry fjord fans, this is just my personal opinion. Don't send hate PM to me pls).
  9. If you have doubts in your mind, then you should not get it.
  10. 5'3" here and will only buy 30cm Birkins because I personally feel the 35's are too big on me. It sounds like you aren't comfortable with 35's either since you're hesitating after giving it a this case, I'd probably pass.

    The other thing is that while Fjord is a gorgeous leather, it is heavy. My Clemence packs a little weight and I've been told Fjord is heavier? Anyone know for sure?
  11. If you said the birkin is "ok" then you know your heart is not in it!! Wait for something else to come along. I am 5'1 and I love both 30 and 35 cm birkins but 35 cm fjord leather might be very heavy and annoying!!:shrugs:
  12. S'Mom,

    According to my SA, Fjord weights similarly as clemence and togo.
  13. I am also 5'2" and would only do a 30 -- unless you really want it for a work tote - but then again the weight is a factor.....sounds like you are questioning it which means perhaps it's not true love?!
  14. Tammy, congrats on being offered such a beautiful Hermes!

    I tried on an identical bag a week ago. It was stunning! My DH said it looked great on me. He gave me his credit card...but, I didn't buy it:sad:

    To me, the 35 Birkin is too large and bulky. But, that's just me! It has nothing to do with my size or my height and I really don't feel that the bags have much to do with a lady's size at all.

    Instead, it is what feels RIGHT to you when you try it on. I have friends who are both five feet tall. They both carry Birkin 35s and love them.

    I am just shy of 5'5" and it's too large for me.

    I feel you need to try it, or lacking that, arrange with your SA return priviledges should it not be to your liking.

    As for the Fjord leather, I took my HAC 32 in Fjord with me to the grocery store yesterday. I didn't even notice it on my arm. Once you have your things inside the bag, the weight of the leather, I feel, will not be that much different from one bag to the next. For my own bags I try not to load them up so that they will not be too terribly heavy.

    Do not go by your size in selecting what size bag to adopt....go by what feels right to you.

    I do hope it works for is an absolutely breathtaking bag!!:yes:
  15. As for Fjord's weight, it depends on the skin. I just received my second one and it is VERY different from my first from a few years ago which was a lot thicker and more even in scale. My new one could almost be mistaken for Clemence if it weren't for the matte nature and the veining. It is a lot thinner and hence, more comparable in weight to my Clemence, whereas my older one is noticeably heavier.

    As for the size, it just depends on your comfort level. I'm 5'3" and love the 35cm and the 30cm, probably the 35cm a bit more, and I know gals who are more petite than I who pull off a 35 beautifully.