Should I get this necklace??

  1. Hi all, saw this chain belt in a HK magazine, really like the fake print lace on the cc and wanted to see if they make a necklace like that, so I called chanel 1800 # and get the info.

    chainbelt (models in the fall/winter show wore as a long necklace): $2170

    necklace: the length is shorter: $995

    Very pricy...but I do love the lace fake print a lot......I was thinking about the $995 necklace, what do you think?

    The chainbelt is nice but very expensive, and I want a necklace, if I wear the chainbelt as necklace like the models did, do you think it's too much for a casual look??
    Chanel fake print lace chain belt.jpg CC Lace Collection Necklace.JPG CC Lace Collection Chain Belt.JPG
  2. Oooh, that's hot, I like that a lot!:yus:
  3. So pretty!!!! :yes: The belt would be great because you could use it as a necklace or belt. :flowers:
  4. It is beautiful go for it.
  5. I think it's beautiful. You can dress up with it or go casual. :smile:
  6. but the you think it looks kinda over-the-top if I wear it as a necklace? I guess it's easier to wear the shorter necklace, which is about 16" to 18" long?? And do you think the chain belt is just too much!! Over $2000 is a bit too much, I know those are not even real pearls.....
  7. on the side note, I have never purchased a chanel chain belt before, so how's the size like???? I was told there's S, M, and L.....I don't know what size I am....I usually wear size 4 or 6, am I a medium for the the chain belt??
  8. i love this look. i hope you get it (either the belt or necklace!)
  9. I'd get the necklace. It's beautiful.
  10. I think it's HOT!

    Thhe thing I'm not sure about, is that if the necklace is only 16", is that just for a single layer, or do you get multiple layers with that, but just not as long?

    I personally like the look over the multiple layers with this style.

    About the style length, are you really a size 4-6, or vanity size 4-6? If you're a true 4-6, you should be able to get a small, but if you're on the vanity size scale (like with Gap and BR sizing, I'd guess a medium then).
  11. IMO the belt is too much money. . . unless you have some disposable income. . . I'd rather have a bag or 2 at that price.

    I'd go for the necklace though, it's awesome!
  12. get the necklace.. and then post piccies for us to peep it!
    i LOVE that style! id prolly go for the belt size myself, but do what you think is best, finance wise!!
  13. As much as I love bags I love jewelry more :tender:. Between the chain belt and the necklace, I'd choose the necklace. However, if you are going to spend over $1,000 (I'm assuming there's tax) on a faux necklace, I'd want the whole layered look. If I only got a single strand, I wouldn't pay that much for it.
  14. I think its hot.. but I am not a big fan of jewelry or costume jewelry... you are talking to a woman who has worn her engagement ring a total of 3 times (NO JOKE) -- I would get a bag.. but thats just me.
  15. I LOVE it. I'd probably go for the necklace. the belt just seems like to much $$ for a belt.
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