Should i get this MJ??

  1. I like it! I also like the Mia Satchel in black and nutmeg too....
  2. That one's nice! And I'm not a huge fan of the browns and tans.
  3. i don't love it.
  4. nah for me. The most important thing is that you like it Moe. =)
  5. couldn't have said it better myself
  6. nay
  7. sounds like you love it. if you do, who cares what we think?
  8. I honestly don't love it i was just browsing today and tried it on and it was nice. But nothing spectacular lets just say i won't miss it if i don't get it but i will carry it if i got it...... i donno if you ladies understand its just one of those bags that you carry in the rain and snow and don't really care if it get dirty....
  9. i was just at the MJ SF store, and they have so many cute new bags. They have lots of quilted bags in smaller sizes than the STAM. satchel sizes. amazing colors such as orange (the mandarin orange of LV epi orange), camel, pewter/bronze. the orange is fantastic, that would be a great color for everyday. lots of styles that are new too. very cute. several hobo styles.

    i still like my black city for my everyday bag. that the the denim hobo (i ended up keeping it).
  10. Not a bad bag for everyday.. the second link shows it better. The first one didn't do it justice;)
  11. so MJ is putting his name on his bags now? :sad2: i never noticed that before...i feel neutral about this bag, don't love it, don't hate it.
  12. The bag would totally ROCK in white.
  13. it is a nice bag but it doesn't make me say "wow"!