Should I get this MJ??? Please help!!!

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  1. Hello Ladies,

    I saw a MJ bag at a Norstrom Rack yesterday and didn't know if I should get it or not. I am not an expert on bags, don't have many designer bags if not atall! So I don't know the styles at all!
    It was a black Hobo with 2 zips on the s ides from bottom to side top. I think the hardware was gold color and with 2 littles "pockets" in the front. The original price was $995 and it was sold for $300!!!
    It is the price that made me want it but I wasn't sure of myself as they do not accept returns on MJ handbags! The leather is plain but a little "hard" to the touch for my taste. They had it in bright pink too!!!
    What do you think?
    By the time I am trying to decide, it may have been gone already! I put it on hold yesterday and they can only hold it til yesterday night...
  2. You should sell it on Ebay for $399 or something cuz they're selling like hotcakes! I love any MJ bags. What NR did you go to?
  3. eh, sounds like you don't love it. i'm notorious for buying something just because it's on sale...but those are the bags that sit in my closet. better to take the $300 and put it aside somewhere, so that when you see something you *have* to have, you have an extra $300 to kick in!
  4. I wonder if it was the courtney or sienna bag? it has the two side zips, hobo shaped, and slightly stiff leather, but it only has one pocket in the front.
  5. Yeah! I just googled,I am pretty sure it's the Courtney!
    What do you think? Should I get it?
    And like discobaydivass vbmenu_register("postmenu_1332682", true); said, I can always sell it if I change my mind... but with all the horror stories I've heard about selling Authentic Handbags on Ebay, do you really think it is feasible?

    Is this MJ Courtney a popular style? Which one should I get, the black or the pink?

  6. sounds sorta like the Amy hobo too?
  7. It's the Courtney, I am pretty sure.

    Now I need your advice, should I get it or not? If yes, which one, the black or the pink? Which one is the most popular?

    Anyone?? So many people read and still no advice for me :crybaby:
  8. Well it does not sound like you like it.
  9. I agree with theglamorous. I know the price is very tempting but you think you will use it often? I guess you can always buy it and then return it if you change your mind.
  10. I've seen courtneys do well on ebay, since it's a relatively rare bag... As mentioned above, you can probably get at least $400 BNWT give or take.. so why not go for it if you really like it? Both colors are great, I would go with the color that you would use often.... black would by my choice if it was me.
  11. Agree with Shoppingsmycard. If you don't love it, don't get it just because it's on sale.

    Courtney is not a popular style, it was on sale for quite time.

  12. Oh! Now, I am so divided! I must admit that when I see a good deal, I can not resist. I always go for it. And like most of you said, it will probably sit in my closet, I have tons of things and my closet is never big enough for me! And still, I keep buying and buying and I rarely sell things that I bought for myself, even if I don't use them!
    I only sell things that I buy intentionally to re-sell.
    Anyway, 2 days have passed, it must have been gone already! So I decided that I'm gonna wait for the next good deal.
    As they don't accept returns, I don't wanna take the risk to buy it, then change my mind and won't be able to have my money back. Selling Authentic handbags on Ebay seems to be such a headache for most of you...
    Thanks everyone for all your advices.
  13. i think you made a good choice. whenever i go back & forth over whether i "want" a bag, that's a good sign i don't.