Should I get this kooba?

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  1. The Marcelle is a beautiful bag but that color for me personally is a little "too much". It reminds me of a Holiday bag. It would be nice to see in person. I think the metallic bags color can't be captured well in pictures.
  2. I was not sure if it was authentic as i couldnt find a photo of it on the kooba website.
  3. It's real for sure. It's not on the website because it came out in 2005 I think. The website only holds bags on there for so long.
  4. I saw this as well and I love the Marcelle..if you really like metallic colours, go for it, but if that is something you wouldn't usually buy, don't get it just because it's a Kooba, KWIM?
  5. Only buy it if it makes your heart beat faster and you WILL carry it often. Otherwise, why spend 400 buckeroos?
  6. I agree with ladysalesrep... you must feel the adrenaline...
  7. yeah - dont feel the adreline - mind you i did with the Natasha and it still has the tag on it a month later :crybaby:

    Can i ask - when is the next round of new Kooba's coming out?
  8. I suspect they will trickle out starting in late June through Sept.