Should I get this Kelly?

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  1. #1 Jul 2, 2016
    Last edited: Jul 2, 2016
    Hi everyone,

    After many years of collecting bags, I am very happy with my current bag collection. I don't want too many bags as I really want to love and wear each and every bag in my collection. I think 8 bags will be my maximum. I also want to add Picotin and Kelly Pochette (maybe Lindy?)

    Anyway, I also thought I was pretty sure I wanted to add a Birkin (Etoupe/Gris T) to my collection. I tried one on in Paris last year and liked how it looked on me. However, because I never had a Birkin for a longer period, I'm not sure if it will fit my lifestyle. I have 3 dogs, so we walk a lot. And besides that we also travel a lot.

    So I just came across a preloved Kelly 32 Gold PHW and I'm really considering it. I have the exact same Kelly in BdP and it really works for my lifestyle, I just need a bag I can wear all year round as the BdP is too dark for me and I need a neutral coloured bag.. The Kelly is in really good condition, still has the plastic on the hardware, comes with box, dustbags, raincoats, lock and keys and the receipt. Plus it's slightly below retail price.

    Should I get the Gold Kelly? Or should I wait for an Etoupe Birkin, as it's a totally different style than the Kelly and just see if it will fit my lifestyle?

    I also added a photo of my bag collection.

    Thanks in advance !

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  2. You have a somewhat similar collection to mine (although I recently passed my Bolide on) and I have a Gold Kelly PHW in Togo. It is an incredibly wearable bag - perfect with jeans, summer dresses - it is a great complement to a dark K and it will go with everything that your BdP Kelly does not quite work with!
    I don't use my Birkin anywhere near as much as my Ks. The B doesn't work for travel, for walking around a city for instance - it doesn't transition from a day out to dinner - - and I def can't walk the dog while carrying it! A B is a beautiful bag but since you're not sure it'll work for you and you know the K will, I'd take that Kelly!!
  3. +1. When I have to walk my dog with my Bs, it is a PITA.
  4. The kelly seems like a perfect addition to your pretty collection.
  5. +1
  6. I don't own a birkin but I think adding one will finish your collection.
    I always wear black or dark color clothes, I have no problems with a dark kelly and you can use other bags such as the E in your colkection for fog walking
  7. kelly since you say that it goes with your lifestyle right now. gold is definitely a brighter neutral. maybe consider the gris t for a lighter color in a k instead of a b?
  8. While this K sounds great, I would recommend waiting for a B. You current K is gorgeous and your bolide looks to be in the same color palette as the K you are thinking about. My first H bag was a K which I love (I do think Ks are more versatile) but then I got a call for my B and I just love it. I actually find it quite comfortable so much so that I am thinking of another B for my next bag. Good luck with your decision!
  9. I think the gold K is just a distraction right now. Even if you bought it, you will still wonder if a B would fit your lifestyle better. My advice is to keep waiting for the right B. Your collection won't complete without a B.
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  10. I would pass on the Birkin for all the reasons QuelleFromage's post says.

    I have an Etrusque Kelly and another one in a similar color, and love them both. However, I think if you like Étoupe, a Kelly in Étoupe is gorgeous. I am actually hoping to score one one day at a reasonable price :smile:

    Anyhow, don't worry about the fact that you have a Kelly and should get a Birkin. If the Kelly works for you, get another one. I don't own Birkins, because they are not conducive to my style and how I carry things. Why mess with a good thing. Gold Kelly or wait for an Étoupe Kelly (much harder to find below retail). Show us what you get :smile:
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  11. Thank you. For those reasons I'm leaning towards the Kelly! I like to take our dogs everywhere (it's a good training so they don't get scared for new places and people) so I really noticed I get annoyed when I don't have my hands free, especially with things like shopping.
  12. Yes I think I'd rather grab a Kelly or Evelyne when I'm with my dogs, can't realy see how a B could work in a situation like that.
  13. Thank you for your input!
  14. I keep having the same feeling when I keep staring at my collection. I just have this feeling an Etoupe Birkin will finish it, but will it really?!

    There is only black, blue and white in my wardrobe but I'm specifically looking for a lighter coloured bag I can wear during Summer (the Bolide is too big for longer day-trips)
  15. I do love Gris T, but am afraid it might be too light? I guess IF I end up taking the Kelly, I need to try it on first (luckily the seller is located nearby) to see if the Gold fits my wardrobe in first place.