Should I get this Gucci?

  1. Hi everyone! ;) I've always liked this particular shape and style of the Abbey. I was wondering if I should get this in the chocolate Guccissima leather instead of the more common canvas one. Any thoughts? I don't know how the Guccissima leather holds up or anything. I need serious advice cause it doesn't come cheap at around $1,095. Thanks!

    (pic from sorry so small but couldn't find any other picture
    Gucci abbey leather.jpg Abbey.jpg
  2. I love it.... I have a both a brown and black Guccissima and I really love them both. I bought a white Guccissima bag but exchanged it. The white seemed like it would be to hard to keep clean.

    I say go for it!!!
  3. Yes! :tup:The leather guccissima would be great, you should get it! If possible try seeing one in a store, or at least the leather on a different bag. I'm sure you'll like it though.
  4. very nice leather, i say go for it.
  5. i really think the monogram fabric looks better, i love the look of guccisima leather in other styles. but hey it's your style, so go for it!
  6. I love the Guccissima leather. Definitely go for it :tup:
  7. Or should I get the Guccissima hobo instead? I'm just not sure how roomy it is. I tend to bring a lot of stuff with me. Here are two examples from
    hobo.jpg hobo2.jpg
  8. I have the 1st hobo. I love it. I carry a lot of stuff in it. I normally carry: An LV Pochette, LV Koala Wallet, LV Cles, Coach Wristlet, Coach mini skinny, a camera, a cell phone, a brush and sunglasses.
  9. I saw a woman w/ the canvas one in Kingston Canada..It was sharp, but IMO I like the guccissima.....HOT!!!!
  10. I love guccissima leather. Definitely get it! Of the two styles I like the princy hobo better. It is your bag, so pick the style that suits you.
  11. Are you able to go to the store and try them on or is it too far? If it's too far, you could order both and return the one that you don't like. Awhile ago, I was deciding between 2 bags from Gucci 5th Ave NYC and had them ship both to me. I returned the one I didn't want. It was worth it for me to pay the shipping there and back rather than go into NYC and pay for tolls, parking, gas and the hassle of making a special trip.

    Good Luck.
  12. If you can't go into the Gucci store. Check out either Saks or NM they offer free shipping codes all the time.
  13. oo i love all..any bag would be a good choice
  14. The Princy is my favorite....but they're all beautiful!!!
  15. I like it in canvas better (though I generally think the leather looks nicer, but for some reason not really so much in this one)
    so I would go with the canvas- but really whichever you like better.

    I agree with a previous poster who said order both (or go try on both) and choose which suits you best.