Should I get this gucci pelham?

  1. Wow. That's a great price!
  2. ^^a steal, i'd say
  3. I m considering the same thing. Is this a piece for collection? Any opinion?
  4. How wearable is it? The fabric makes it casual but the Pelham style is "fancier"... kind of an odd combo. However, the price is awesome!
  5. I got a chance to try on this bag today at my local Gucci store. It's a beautiful bag but the Flora wave bag was more to more liking as it felt more comfortable on my shoulder; pelham felt a bit heavier to me. The pelham is at a great price right now and you can always return it (provided that you purchase it directly from if you decide that you don't like the bag once you receive it.
  6. when something like this (a gucci, something with a great name and craftsmanship) comes along at an additional % off... do u consider buying this becuase its cheap for what it is now, or b/c you've always liked it but thought the price was too much...
  7. I'd say the latter... purchased it because I liked it but thought the price was a bit much for a "fun" styled hand bag as opposed to a true classic style. At 60% off though, you can even afford to get the matching shoes, which is always a nice accessory for your Gucci hand bag.
  8. Its a cute bag and it would be a bag just to accessorize the outfit you might wear for the day. At the sale cost, its quite a bargain.

    I have the classic monogram one and even I can't use that with every casual outfit.
    Look at what the bag snob and its comments said about the classic pelham. :sad:
  9. thanks guys for your opinions, but i think i will pass on this one b/c i already bought 3 gucci bags and 2 wallets this month and i think thats enough.
  10. i think you should really get this bag. it's a great bag in an even greater price!
  11. i like it.