Should i get this gold silverado?

  1. I'm not a big fan of silverado but after i saw a celeb thread with many of this bag, i tend to go soft-hearted.
    It is 50% off to 600 pound. What do you girls think?
  2. I think the pythons are a great buy at the moment. But do not buy it just because it is on sale, buy it because you love it :smile:
  3. If this is from Cricket's website, it may be an idea to call them. I'm not sure they ever update the site. I posted this deal a while back and it said they had 2 in stock but it stills says so today. I would have thought someone would have nabbed it by now.

    I say yes go for it if you can get it. It's an unbelievable price for a lovely bag. :smile:
  4. I think the gold python is one of the two prettiest Silverado's (I also like the original cognac python one). Last year I had gotten the second version of the cognac python and returned it (1) the color was too orange.. had my expectations that it would look like the original cognac and (2) the scales already looked like they were were curling up a bit and once I saw that I didn't want to have to worry about the wear & tear on them. But I think python silverado owners could give you a better perspective on how their python bags are still holding up & how to care for them. They are definitely a gorgeous bag and it's nice to get them in python as it makes them more unique. The one you note is quite a deal. If you get it and do not like it, do they allow returns?
  5. The only thing that makes me have a second thought about this one is the leather. I 've never had any exotic leather bag before since these skins creep me out somehow but it's such a great bargain and i like the style

    Does anyone have any experience with exotic leather bag? How do you feel when you use it and is it hard to maintain?
  6. i love silverado more than paddy...
    the gold would be so HOT! but i think it's look greater on dark clothes. make sure you really LOVE it before you buy it though :P
  7. Are you in the UK?
    If so, and you want to road test this type of bag - Next are doing a very similar version right now, colour, texture, shape etc. It's made from real leather.
    I spied it yesterday, it is now on sale at around £40-50 i think - might help you to make your mind up before you splash out?:smile:

    Either way, the Silverado is a lovely bag, i'm not sure i'd buy one myself, but it is undeniably beautiful!:yes:
  8. Ohh what a nice idea!!! I live in UK.I will go and give it a try.Thanks everyone..