should i get this dress to wear to my brother's wedding?

  1. what do you gals think? is it dressy enough? TIA

  2. Beautiful dress, but I think it depends on whether the wedding is going to be on the more formal side, and what time of day it will be.
  3. i agree with lorihmatthews.
    i think it certainly is formal enough for a wedding, but you should factor the time of day.
  4. It's gorgeous!
  5. It's going to be in January evening- chinese banquet style
  6. I think that would be nice for a wedding banquet.
  7. Gorgeous dress!
  8. Awesome dress!
  9. I think it's great for a wedding banquet.
  10. I think it is perfect!
  11. It's great! Look classy and lovely.
  12. It is gorgeous!
  13. Yup! Looks gorgeous!
  14. Very pretty dress
  15. It's uniquely pretty...go for it.