Should I get this Chanel Tweed Classic Flap?

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  1. Hello!
    Would love your input on this bag.
    I came across this Classic Jumbo in Tweed that I am not sure is a right or wrong purchase. I have sold so many bags this year because I am not carrying them and because I simply regretted them and decided to only buy bags that are classics and that do not become a fad. I know Chanel always has tweed classics in their collections, so do you think this will lose its allure to me or is it a timeless piece that will not become old-style.

    PS: I love Tweed and I love the Jumbo size the most, but I'm second-guessing everything I love these days :biggrin:.
    Appreciate any opinions.

    chanel tweed 2.jpg
  2. I love this! If you think you will use it, get it.
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  3. Tweed is very personal so what might appeal to one person might not to someone else. If you love it, then I would say get it

    I totally get what you meant as I got bitten bad by the Chanel bug bad these past 2-3 years and bought a crazy number of classic and seasonal styles. I sold quite a few of my seasonal buys and kept mostly classic styles that work for me. One of the few non-classic style i kept is a tweed CC filigree flap. I reach for my tweed bag when I need something a bit dressier to style up plain outfits.
  4. Hello Reez! I’m like you in terms of downsizing lots of bags & only wanting classics (& maybe a trendy bag or 2). I’ve always adored chanel tweed & own 1 tweed reissue. It’s understandable to second guess yourself w/ big choices like this, especially after selling so many. I would just give pause until you are absolutely 100% sure of this purchase (I only say that because you said you are not sure if it is right or wrong )...I think it’s gorgeous & the tweed colors are totally neutral & would likely work w/ lots of your wardrobe....but you must love it & be totally sure about it. Best luck deciding!:flowers:
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  5. I love it. I don't think this would look dated anytime soon.
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  6. I really like it and it is the classic flap. I don't think this is an everyday bag though. I would have a frank discussion with your dedicated SA regarding owning a tweed bag. If you live in a predominantly cooler, rainy, etc environment, I would suggest not buying it.
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  7. Hey,
    concerning the fact that Chanel was the one who invented Tweed in her clothes and it still one of the things the brand stands for I think Tweed is very classic, but with a twist, since every Tweed piece, even from the same collection, is a little bit different. I personally would love to have a Tweed bag in the classic flap in either small or medium/large, but have not come across one I particularly like. I do not know about durability, but I think it might me more durable than lambskin. The bag you are showing is gorgeous in my opinion, but for me also the price is a factor I consider, because if it is more or almost the same as a leather classic flap I would pass.

    Hope that helped. xx C.
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  8. Yes, yes you should.
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  9. I was considering a tweed flap when buying my first Chanel as I have other leather flap bags. I chose a caviar then as it will probably be my only Chanel. So if you have other leather bags this one is a nice add to your collection.
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  10. If money wasn’t an issue, then YES!! It’s beautiful and classic, I can see you using it for years to come. I’m unsure of durability (would the tweed snag or pill?) but if it lasts, then for sure go for it - I would! However money would be a huge factor for me so I wouldn’t buy this myself since I don’t have excess budget for a tweed bag unfortunately but I am eyeing one for the future
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  11. YES this a classic updated look and agree won't look dated at all!
    I wanted this bag myself and three years ago Paris didn't had the jumbo size :sad:
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    Hi there! I just had a feeling by your title that the picture of the bag would be the quilted, sequin blk/silver tweed bag -which I have in the medium/large flap! I spied it, hubby loved it, so I got to bring her home last year! :heart:
    (I think I have a picture posted somewhere on the forum:angel:-
    I will add that I use it on special occasions, evening out to dinner,etc. so not an everyday bag unless that’s what you prefer to do then absolutely rock it to your hearts content!!:heart::flowers:
  13. This piece looks a bit busy to me. I'd pass.
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