Should I get this Celine green lizard classic?

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  1. Hi all,

    I’m ready to buy my very first Celine box bag and came across this green lizard classic. What do you all think? I like it a lot personally but my friends are telling me I will be too young for this lizard leather (I’m in my early 30). Can I get some feedback from you all? Also, is lizard leather prone to scratches or require extra care?


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  2. For me, Lizard is actually the most durable. In my experience, the bag does not scratch or lose it's shape. Lizard skin is also not prone to color transfer or staining.

    As for the age range for using exotics - if you love it, wear it. It's quite simple!
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  3. I think it's super chic! Not getting the age comment.. as long as you love it and think it suits you, why not?
  4. That bag is classic and beautiful and looks so classy and luxurious in the exotic leathers. To be honest, I completely disagree with your friends; in my opinion, exotic leathers look more sophisticated and dressy and something I wouldn't expect from a trendy youth...
  5. Just curious, did you end up purchasing this green lizard classic box? If so, how are you liking it so far? I am thinking of purchasing the same from luxury next season. Thanks!
  6. Do it!! Although, I’d be more concern about how it is slanting to the right... Do update! I think lizard is lovely (mid 20s here).
  7. I did end up purchasing the bag, I love the color and I always wanted a Celine box. It would be a perfect purchase if the bag doesn't come with a few dry cracks on the front flap leather area...
    The most annoying part was the after sale service from Nordstrom, they said I had to pay for the repair fee if I want them to repair the bag or touch up the leather because they have to send it to a third party repair center instead of Celine...
    Besides the drama with the after sale service, the bag itself is great, and the lizard leather is more scratch resistant.
  8. Thanks for the support! I was concern about the slanting from the picture at the beginning but the bag arrived perfectly (besides some dry cracks on the leather... but the handbag department manager assured me that the bag was new arrival...).
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  9. I love the lizard, and the color of that bag is stunning... I think it would suit me, and I'm quite a bit younger than you... Don't get the age comment either!

    Glad you got it, congratulations!
  10. Do they have another piece?
  11. Thanks for the replys all, wasn't sure I'd have luck given the age of the original post. The green lizard is available at Luxury Next Season for well below the original retail price-I am torn between getting this or taking a trip to Seoul.