Should I get this BR Bag?

  1. Should I get this bag from Banana? I am torn about which color to get. I have 2 black bags that use for work now - one is a medium Timbuk2 tote for when I need to bring a lunch, shoes, and gym clothes; the other is a trapezoidal hobo international tote. I wear both black and browns. For the winter, I have a 2 black coats, a camel coat, and a lavender coat. For the fall, I have a navy trench and a brown trench. Should I get this bag in brown to mix things up a bit? Or is it too matchy for the brown trench?
  2. I am not help at all, because I like both colors:roflmfao:
  3. def brown...thats a gorgeous color
  4. go with the brown...
  5. The brown is beautiful.
  6. Yes, I agree. The brown is more beautiful. Plus, it'll look fab with your navy trench!
  7. I have to say that I'm not a fan of the bag. I don't like where the straps are.
  8. For the price I would check Coach first.
  9. I think a Coach of similar size and leather is at least double, unless I find something at the outlet. I also feel like Coach is a little too common. Based on the other tpf posts, people seem really happy w/the quality. Also, I have a 15% coupon code and $60 in rewards, so this bag would be a steal.
  10. the brown one.
  11. I vote brown! I've never seen that one in person, so I can't vouch for the leather, but I have been lusting over the deep satchel for the leather so I know its generally nice. I have a small BR bag and its held up to lots of beatings and I've been really impressed.
  12. Brown!
  13. I love brown, it's a great neutral and I don't think you have to worry about it either matching or clashing too much with anything. I don't own any BR bags but I'm really impressed with the designs this fall, seems like outstanding quality for the price. Could be a great place to get a work bag if you don't want to spend a huge amount or work somewhere where you don't want to carry a pricey bag.
  14. It depends what you will use it for - black would be better for work but would look too officey for the weekend. Brown would work at the weekend but might not be smart enough for the very important meetings unless you match it to some very smart brown shoes. Both colors would work with your coats, although brown would be nicer I think.
  15. I like the brown.