Should I get this bag?


Jul 11, 2013
I feel like I already know the answer... but just want to get several second opinions. I have the opportunity to get a really great deal on the Gucci Nice Microguccissima Leather Tote in either white or acero (I'm leaning toward white). I won't say at what price, because I don't want it to influence what people say... but it's a really good deal that I will probably not have the opportunity to take advantage of again.

See pictures here:

The reasons I am thinking of not getting it is that I've obviously already been spending a lot during the holiday season on presents (holidays, weddings, and birthdays), dresses for parties, hostess gifts, potlucks, etc. And I've also recently booked 2 vacations. So if it were a different time of year, I wouldn't think twice. But I'll really be spending to the last penny if I buy this bag.

I really do love the bag a lot! I technically can afford it, and will have more paychecks (and hopefully won't have to pay back taxes in January -- eek!), but, like I said, I'll really be spending to the last penny this month if I buy this bag.

So yay or nay? Obviously I don't *need* it, but why would I be on this forum if I did lol?


Sep 3, 2013
Does it fill a gap in your collection and will you get a lot of use out of it? Or is it solely that it's just a really good deal and you don't want to miss out on that?

I tend to regret not buying staple pieces, especially those at discounts, and wind up a few months later finding outfits where I wish I had said piece.

On the flip side, if I'm hesitating too much, I often don't buy it for the fact that while it may get use and be a good value, if I've not already purchased it, I don't want it.