Should I get this bag?

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  1. I have liked the patent Bayswater in black for a while now and had heard it was limited edition but then today I was in Harvey Nichols and saw it there. I was going to buy it but was put off by the £650 price tag. I normally buy bayswaters in the sale at 30% off. Is it still limited edition? If I don't buy it now do you think it will be hard to come by later on? Or is it worth waiting for a while to see if there is a promotion? Has anyone ever seen this in outlets?
  2. Not sure if it's limited edition, but i think the black patent was also released a previous season maybe with gold hardware.
    The black patent seems popular so not sure it will make it to the sale, but maybe a promotional day at one of the big stores or something.
    I think one or two were spotted at outlets a while ago, but are snapped up very quickly.
  3. The reaction to it and RN seems really positive honeybunch. I don't know if that would indicate it will be sell out. Did you see the Black Patent Beauty thread? It's lovely. I think you would have to decide how much you want it. For £650 you get it now to use just as the season starts rather than wait till a mid season sale and get it for £460 ish. But it's still a gamble isn't it.?

    I was in the York outlet recently and the spazz/patents were sometimes discounted for a flaw. Some of them weren't that nice.
  4. better off buying it now. don't wait ypu'll be lucky to get any discount on this bag. maybe in a hof with a fraser card but even these events are rare!
  5. Go for it honeybunch!!! You've had your eye on it for a while so it's not just a passing fad! And black patent is such a classic. You'll either still be using it in 5 years' time, or you'll have nearly got your money back on eBay!:biggrin:
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    Thanks mulberryfloss and nifferkins. I got a grey patent Bayswater in the sale and the cracked metallic Bays from holding out until sales so that's why I'm reluctant to purchase at full price. It's difficult to decide what to do! I've located one at an outlet but it has a few small dents on it so not sure if it's worth it. It might bother me.
  7. i guess it depends on how much of a price reduction it gets you too ans how big the dent is and its location on the bag
  8. ^^This is the problem as I would have to do mail order - I live too far away - so I wouldn't be able to see the bag before I bought it. The SA said she didn't think it was bad - at first she couldn't identify any faults at all - and on the tag the fault was described as "dust spots on front of bag." She said she wasn't quite sure what this meant but she said there was a a very small dent on back of bag that you could only see in certain lights and I think she said some very faint small other scratches/dents. The bag has been reduced by £200 so it's £455.
  9. Get it, sounds a good deal - If the scratches/dents are too evident for you send it back.
  10. A gorgeous bag go for it!! Patent is gorgeous especially in black, you will use it so much throughout autumn/winter xoxo
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    It's the story of my life. I was umming and ahhing too much and then finally decided to go for it yesterday. I phoned up to find out that it has been sold through mail order to someone else! Oh no - I'm gutted but it's my own fault. I wonder if it's to a TPF member??!! If anyone hears of another black patent Bays in an outlet please let me know asap.
  12. Please don´t take this a some kind of offense. I just have to say how much I loved this: "I normally buy bayswaters in the sale at 30% off." It made me smile and this is why I love being around here;).
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    ^^ I'm not offended one bit but why does it make you smile??! I bought my cracked metallic bayswater and grey patent bayswater in the sale at 30% off! Please share the joke - LOL!
  14. I really do appreciate sale finds so what made me smile is that reading the phrase "shopping Bayswaters" sounded like shopping grocerys or some other everyday shopping. Just normal around here;). So not really meant as a joke just a "recognising/appreciating" smile. But that´s just me so sorry again!
  15. Ah okay, I understand now!! No need to apologise, I understand what you mean. It did sound a bit like I pick up Bayswaters like I would bread or milk - lol!:biggrin: