Should I Get This Bag?

  1. I saw this Mulberry Euston bag in person today and thought it looked really cute -- has that nice Mulberry leather! What do you guys think - yea or nay? Is it too plain for its price? (It's $995, though I'm sure if I look around, I can find it on sale somewhere!)
    Mulberry Olive Euston.JPG
  2. Awwww, considering all the Mulberry beauties, this isn't one of them (IMHO). I'd rather spend a little more on one of their other bags. Maybe it's the the green I don't like.
  3. ^^ I agree - it is not a classic. If I were you I would probably go for another mulberry bag such as the Rosemary or Blenheim! :rolleyes:
  4. The rosemary's on sale at (or follow the link from here as V & M will get a little
  5. nay - I would spend my money elsewhere.
  6. nay, don't like it very much.
  7. i've also seen it on sale, Saks i think and Bergdorfs, you might also try try Neiman Marcus plus as cal posted!
  8. i don't think it's amazing or striking it's kind of blah
  9. i don't really like it. i prefer araline :p
  10. It's cute but I think it's overpriced. Maybe if you got it at 1/2 off or something. I agree with the other ladies that there are nicer mulberries out there
  11. I was tempted to get that bag in the pink shade awhile ago, but then decided against it. I do like it but I'm not totally in love with it, and it's a bit pricey. If you can get a good deal on one I say get it.
  12. Don't pay full price! It will go on sale and you'll kick yourself.

    PS. It's cute...but be patient.
  13. Pass
  14. Thanks for your opinions, guys! :smile: I saw it on sale at Saks for around $400!! :nuts: I still don't know what to do though . . . I'll think about it some more.
  15. i love it! its fun, casual, durable, yummy leather, not tremendously girly, keeps you hands free, gets my vote!