Should I get this bag? Reissue 226 in metallic calfskin

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  1. Hi guys!
    I usually love Hermes but recently caught the Chanel bug ( I really thought I wouldn't go for Chanel...but here I am)
    I recently got a reissue in 225 size in black with aged calfskin & ghw, I am SO IN LOVE with it. I think it is the chic-est bag ever and am already looking to get more. Tsk tsk .
    I browsed thru the forum and haven't found any post talking about this bag. What do you guys think about it, the color?
    Is metallic calfskin durable, is it prone to peeling/fading at all?
    Do you think it looks nice, and should I get it? Thanks all :heart: Female Chanel fans....

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  2. What an absolutely stunning bag!!! Congrats on the find

    I'd say that metallic/glazed materials are some of channel's less durable bags. I have a metallic black and there is so fading in the corners. Chanel also won't repair/treat glazed or metallic bags.

    It's sooooo beautiful though so if you're ok with babying it, could be great!
  3. So beautiful! I love it! It's timeless and classy
  4. I think it’s beautiful!! I tried it on this past weekend. For some reason it did seem heavier than my other reissue, but I don’t know why? My other thought, and I love greens, is that I actually think I would tire of this color within a few years. However, this color is very different and very beautiful in person. My SA in the past has cautioned me on metallic bags so I have stayed away from them. My one exception is my metallic reissue WOC I recently got in London. I figure it’s small enough that it wouldn’t get banged around as easy. If you baby your bags and you love the color I think you should go for it[emoji4]
  5. Gosh I love that Reissue!
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  6. I think it’s gorgeous but as a chevron reissue owner I am biased!
  7. Absolutely, it’s stunning!
  8. I think the color green on this one is amazing, and versatile. It's neutral. Also, I have 7 metallic reissues and have experienced ZERO problems with them. Metallic calf is def sturdier than metallic lamb. If you love it, go for it!! By the way, the actual description of the leather is "scratched calf".

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  9. Those pics show me a completely different look at this STUNNING bag. The color is so elegant and delicate with its own edge at the same time.
    Thanks for all the feedback. You guys are the loveliest :heart: So supportive and enabling, hahah :biggrin:
  10. I think it’s gorgeous & looks great on you! I own several metallic Chanel pieces (a 226 reissue, WOC & SLGs) & have never had any problems with them, thankfully. I’m definitely very careful w/ them but I have read issues that other folks have had w/ metallics. Personally, I would only consider this color (gorgeous as it is) if it fit in well w/ my wardrobe & I knew that I’d be getting a good amount of use out of it. Good luck deciding!:flowers:
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  11. That is one stunning reissue! The texture of the leather is also very interesting. If you love it definitely don’t miss out on this one. :loveeyes:
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  12. I have several Chanel metallics and have never had a problem. I did by one pre-left that had a couple of spots that looks like somebody bumped it real hard and scratched off a tiny bit of metallic, but unless you have some major accident, your bag should be just fine. That leather and that metallic sheen appear to be very durable.
    That is one gorgeous bag!!!
  13. Beautiful!! :love:
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  14. Hi sweetie @Pattyyx :wave: I'd say go for it with your heart beat :heart: I just saw your thread now - Sorry i didn't notice until today! even though we were connected at action thread earlier :smile: My metallic calfskin leather reissue from last year 17K is still young but there's nothing issue and pretty tough. I know you love reissue so much and use well, and seasonal reissues wouldn't be easy to find later, So if you experienced to find the one with your heart beat, i would say go for it if the one is perfect quality! ;)
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  15. Jeebus that bag is stunning :love: