Should I get this bag - Chevron light purple patent

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  1. Ok, I just went down to see this gorgeous bag but I am not too sure if I want to buy this or not. I need to let my SA know by tomorrow, I just wanted to get your feedback.

    The color is really a lighter purple, I was trying to take the picture with my iphone and of course it's not coming out as the true color, but pretty close. I would say the color IRL is just a shade lighter. This is the m/l size, and I love the fact that this is only a single flap, which allows me to put more stuff.

    I do like this color, I think it will be even more gorgeous if it's a true purple (the purple from 06). I am just worried that this color is too trendy, please let me know what you think as I value your opinions a lot.:P

    I was going to purchase the red quilted patent WOC later, if I get this bag, I will not get the WOC anymore.

    My current bag collection is mostly black, 10C blue, metallic blue camera bag, green tweed small messenger. Do not have anything in red.

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  2. YES KOBE- go for it! I have been waiting to see what it looked like- and I think it is beautiful. Does it look a little bit plum or is it brighter? Red is so pretty too- but how often does chanel come out with purple bags???
  3. if you are not sure about it, i dun think you should get it, its important that YOU want it
  4. Omg --- SHE HASSS MADE HER APPEARANCE!!!!!!! I have not seen this color yet........ I really like it...... You have another :tup: GO FOR IT!!!!!
  5. It's actually darker than I thought, nicer color than I thought I had seen. I like it a lot!!! I say get it!!!!
  6. I thought the colour is gorgy....some people didn't like patent...if you are ok with it, go with the flow!!!! :biggrin:
  7. I love the Chevron in patent and think this is a really unique and pretty color. With color, you always have to decide whether it will work with your wardrobe and whether you will use it enough. That is why most of my Chanels are black and ivory. When I am spending this much for a bag, I want the most bang for my buck so to speak. I am only starting to acquire color this season with a couple of red WOCs. The purple seems to me to be a pretty versatile shade, but you have to determine whether you would use it enough to justify the $. Good luck deciding!

  8. This color looks nice~~its a lighter plum/purple, rite? Its a lovely color to use all year around (Esp in winter...when ur outfit is in black) u mentioned this is the m/l size...does it come with jumbo? How come it can be only use as single strap?

    I say this color is Unique....if u prefer something diff than ur collection..i say go for it~~

  9. I really love this color. If it was lamb I'd be so ridiculously tempted.
  10. I LOVE IT!!!! get it!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
  11. Yummy! But only if you're ok with patent... some people aren't so if you like the leather, I think this color is TDF!
  12. I love it!
  13. Thank you all for your lovely feedbacks! I have always admire patent bags, do not own one yet. Was hoping to own the red patent since the red is soooooo gorgeous, but might have to get this one instead!

    babyontheway...thank you so much, I was trying to find the right word for this color, and I think you got it. It's between plum and purple. I am really no good at describing color.

    jeNYC and NYCavalier, thanks for your coments. I am just not sure but I do have to agree this color is very unique. When I was trying out in the boutique, for sure the bag does stand out because of the color.

    pls5, the color is actually lighter IRL than these pictures. It's actually quite delicious. I think this is one of the color that the more you see it, the more you will fall in love with it.

    Tartine, this would be my first patent bag if I decide to buy it. It will be interesting. I think I can take care of a patent bag more than a lambskin, I can never carry lambskin...will be too paranoid.

    G&Smommy, I guess I am quite a boring person, most of the time I wear black, so it would look good with any color bags!

    Creammia, when I asked the SA, she says they only receive this color in this size, I have asked for the jumbo size, but she says no.

    haute_brands, I don't really know if I like patent or not since I don't own one yet. Have heard some good and bad about patent. Hoping to get a dark color patent like the gorgeous red. But this color is too special for me to miss out, on the other hand, need to think hard if I really wanted a patent bag.

    Thanks bfali & ilovebrad!
  14. This one more unique than red patent. And the color is truly a amazing!! I think you should go for it!
  15. You should go for it! I love the color! I will be a nice and unique color additon to you collection.