Should I get this B Bag??

  1. Is this a nice color combo IRL? Is the red trim kind of more orange red rather than bright red? Would it be too out there to be used as a day bag? $1584 - good deal?:confused1:
  2. oopps!! here's the picture:
    Fendi B.jpg
  3. Bigger image!!
    Fendi B.jpg

  4. Any thoughts??:confused1: Many thanks!:yes:
  5. The red trim is bright red. I like the fendi b-bag, but I'm not as big of a fan on this one because it reminds me of the blingey black and red one with pearls. This could be a day bag, I would think that it all depends on how you dress with it. With the right attitude, I would think that a girl can easily pull it off.

    The price is a pretty good one. I don't remember the exact retail price on it though, the regular leather b-bag in that style is around $1750 range and that's before the ornamentation and decoration. Good luck!!! :heart:
  6. I think the color makes it stand out. It'll be nice if you're an adventurous person.
  7. This would definitely be a "statement" bag rather than an everyday bag in my opinion. I think it's beautiful and worn with black, would just stand out so much.
  8. I am crazy about B.Bag, but I am not fond of this one. The color combination is okay, but I find the extra gold decorations on the front of this bag a bit too much. This combination is a statement bag for sure though.
  9. Thanks guys for all your input!! :p I'll think about it a bit more..given the color combo does make it stand out quite a bit, not sure whether I'll get a lot of use... what about the fact that it is in patent leather, would it look odd if patent is kind of out?? :confused1: Thanks!!
  10. BB - this is a bag that makes a big splash & the fully patent leather B bags are like beacons to me. If your lifestyle and clothing fit that, it works, no matter whats out or in.

    I have several B bags and find the combination nappa & vernis (patent) makes just about as much "splash" as my lifestyle can take and is more of an everyday bag. Also canvas & vernis and the hard leather are good choices -- a little spice but not over the top. Just my opinion.;)