Should I get this 35 Kelly blue jean in Togo?

Dec 17, 2009
Hi ladies,

I have an offer of a 35 Kelly blue jean in Togo. I am a bit hesitating.

I have a 32 kelly in box, and it cannot hold much stuff. Especially when I put my daughter's water bottle (small one), clothes, etc, the cover can hardly close. I am wanderring how you are using your kelly? Do you normally leave it mostly empty or you will staff it? Or I should just skip this Kelly and wait for 35 birkin instead?

Thanks so much for sharing your opinion.


Jan 17, 2009
Birkin holds more but a 35 cm Kelly is very practical easy to wear with the strap perfect looking and it's blue Jean that i love personally I would go for it but then that's just me .hope it helps darling .best.birkel!!!!


Apr 20, 2008
please do wait for your birkin. and please put other stuff in another lightweight bag.

when we were traveling i'm constantly looking for large totes and am having a problem putting ALL the stuff (maps, bottled water, snacks, Park maps) ONE bag. MY bag. now i use a foldable tote and carry my essentials in a separate, nicer bag that has all my stuff in it.
Jun 23, 2007
Get the little girl her own bag!!! Just kidding. It's been a long time since I had a little guy and had to schlep a bag with his stuff and my own bag, probably one of my wonderful 1970-1980s Coach bags. I carried a Coach briefcase, but the kid never left home without his own backpack and his own stuff. I did carry things for him, like extra blankies, bottles, food, etc. But he had to learn to bring his own stuff and to this day, at the age of nearly 28, he goes nowhere without a backpack. I just think by the time a child is of a certain age, the mom should consider herself more in what she carries for herself and the baby/toddler in what she carries. Or, there is the wonderful SilkyPop or any number of gorgeous totes available or a darling little bag for DD.
And, get the blue jean kelly. I have the same bag and it does hold a lot of stuff. It cannot be compared to a 32 box. Box kellys have no real "forgiveness" factor.


Hermes lover now!
Apr 30, 2010
I have a 35 togo kelly and have two boys (one is 4), so I end up carrying stuff for him. I find my Kelly is plenty big enough and not as heavy as my 35 birkin. You also have the shoulder strap when you need hands free. Box leather is so rigid as opposed to a leather like togo it's so much easier to get your stuff in and out of.


Sep 7, 2006
I think a Kelly 35 is better than a Birkin for carrying things with little kids, simply because the shoulder strap frees your hands. That alone is worth a lot to me. But I also prefer Kellys to Birkins so this was a natural choice when my kids were young (I didn't have a Kelly 35 but used smaller Kellys).
Now that my kids are older, my feeling is that the kids will grow up one day and you will have the bags forever, so I would get whichever bag you like better.
I agree with BBL that you can't really compare a Togo 35 to Box 32 Kellys in terms of ease of use.