Should I get these?

  1. I saw this on eLuxury two days ago, and I just wanted to know what you all think:

    Dior Off Print Saddle Bag, $1035

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    I've never liked any of the Saddle bags, and I only have the small pink Trotter Saddle pouch. But I love the print on this one :love:. Does that appear more pink or red?

    Also, I've been eyeing this for a long time, but I could never decide whether to get it or not:

    Dior Detective Velvet Wrist Clutch, $770

    [​IMG] [​IMG]

    The one I want is in black, so ignore the burgundy color in the second picture :P. I love the shape of it, but it's velvet :huh:. For an evening clutch, would velvet or satin be better?
  2. I've always like the saddle bags, this one has a cute print on it. I'm not entirely crazy about it, but it is cute. I think it appears to be more red.
  3. I absolutely love the saddle bag, and that's the first one I've ever loved as well! Get it!!! =)
  4. but what about the Detective Clutch :shrugs:?
  5. ^ Not too into it, but if you want it get it in the black satin. That would be SUPER cute!
  6. :wtf: i didn't realize it came in satin! :nuts:
  7. Yay For the Saddle, im a big fan of it :wlae:

    Nay for the clucth .. :shrugs:

    btw u must see a dr to deal with ur white bags obsession:roflmfao:
  8. Opps sorry, I misread the first post, I thought you said it came in satin! But yeah if it does, get the satin!
  9. it's funny you should say that, because my mom's a real doctor, and she also has a thing for white bags:roflmfao:!
  10. I actually love dior saddle bags, but I must say i'm not a huge fan of this one, its not the best one i've seen TBH. There are some that are alot cuter, but as i say 'Each to her own'. So if you like it i'd say GO FOR IT!
  11. I agree with rainbow...the shape is great but I'm not feelin' it with the pattern.

    Now that CLUTCH is amazing! The black velvet is TDF but if it comes in satin I'd get black satin!
  12. I don't really like saddle bags too much either, but the pattern on that one is cute!

    For the clutch - I like satin better :biggrin:
  13. Like the saddle, not a fan of the clutch.
  14. i don't think the clutch comes in satin :sad:. i've seen it in the store and it's always been velvet. what a shame; if it came in satin i'd definitely get it!
  15. I love the shape of the saddle & also want one. I would have to see the bag in person to know if I liked the pattern & color. The clutch is pretty & would go with alot of evening clothes. Let us know if you get them. I really want the vintage logo saddle bag. Do you have a gaucho? I'm looking at those too.