Should I get these MJ flats?

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  1. [​IMG]

    I am looking for some cute flats and ran across these on sale for $150. That feels like so much to spend on a pair of flats, but at the same time it's 50% off! What do I do? :wacko:
  2. I love those flats!!! I like the pump-version he did also.

    Where did you find them on sale, if you don't mind sharing? :smile:
  3. ADORABLE!!! Great price, (it's a sign!) Get them!
  4. YES !!!
  5. Cute shoe, but does it come in any color combo besides the metalic silver? I'd love to see it in another color.
  6. they're SO cute :smile: get them
  7. I love those shoes! I really wanted them in the velvet, but of course I couldn't find them here. I'm not a metallic person, but I saw them one someone the other day and they looked really cute! Do like I do just forget about how much they cost and keep telling youreself you're saving $150!
  8. I bought them!!! :amuse: I also ordered 4 pairs of shoes for my mom, so I don't feel as bad. I spend a lot of clothes and purses, but never on shoes. I'm bad at justifying shoe purchases!

    Anyways, they are $150 at ckcollection. I had forgotten someone asked where. Oh, the gold versions are at for the same price, but with less selection of sizes.
  9. Get them, they are so cute!
  10. You'll love them! MJ flats are super comfy... I have a few pairs. I don't know if you ordered half a size up (I guess depending on how small your foot is). His shoes tend to be a little narrow, and about half a size smaller than US sizing. That's my personal experience...either that or I have wide feet!
  11. They have the pink ones at for $137.99. I keep looking at them...
  12. very cute, definitely get them!

    When I first saw them I was like 'ahh need them' but never ended up getting them. very chanel-esque to me so that's a plus.