Should i get these earrings?





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  1. I have been reallly lusting over these earrings. I already have the c crystal ones, and i had gotten the black mini with silver c on it, but they were just too tiny. Now i found these which has the rhinestones outlined with the c's. Do you ladies think 210 is worth these earrings? i dont wanna spend that much on earrings, if i wont find them useful later. But they do match my style now.. Any opinions?
    By the way it says their 0.6 inches diameter. I dont want them to be too tiny, or too big, but i cant imagine whats the size of them. Sorry i blurred out the pictures, but it was the onle picture i could find and had sellers name on it, so i didnt want to post it like that:smile: any advice will be appreciated!
  2. ooh, are they studs? i think they ar esoo cute!!

    but for something thats so plastic looking, i would be worried about people thinking they were fake :shrugs: but i guess even the CC crystal earrings could be "fake"...

    go for them! they are adorable.
  3. It's a cute & lovely earrings but i will save the money not get her~~
  4. They are cute..but Ive seen some really gorgeous Chanel earrings that aren't so plastic looking. I vote save your money.
  5. they're nice.. but I dunno not extraordinary... maybe you'll find something better??