should i get these CL shoes?

  1. what do you ladies think? would it look good with jeans? it's $195, good deal right? please help me decide

  2. $195!?? Where??? They are super cute...
  3. i got it at
  4. I would get them if they aren't used
  5. I don't think they're that cute...

    you can pay a little more for a new pair when they go on sale. =)
  6. I hope that I am not offending you, but they look like shoes my mom would wear. You can find good deals on CL shoes once they go on sale - I think you should hold off for something that you love even if it means paying a bit more.
  7. thanks ladies for your thoughts!
  8. I personally dont like them, although it depends on your own style and preference and if you think you'll get wear out of them.
  9. i didn't get gals are right, i shouldn't get them just because they are louboutin....i'll just have to save up and get something that i really really want.........
    thanks again! i don't know what i'll do without you gals......
  10.'s really a matter of personal preference on these...especially at that price!!
  11. i don't like them...the snake triangle skin at the front of the she is ugly looking...i would pass