Should I get these Chanel sunnies?

  1. I don't know because I see a lot of people with them, but I also think this shape might be starting to look very "last season".

    What do you think?
  2. Those are the 5076b with mother of pearl CC's. They are still very much "In" and not last season. In fact, Chanel "revamped" this style for 2007 and is model number 6022Q ( I bought them). The shape is exactly the same but the CC's on the sides are exotic leather now. The shape is very flattering but the glasses are on the larger side. I love them. I say go for it.
  3. I love those glasses!! I have the camellias so I'm not allowing myself to buy anymore sunglasses this year but if I did I would so get those!!
  4. I love them, I have them in a brown and in the black I don't think they are last season at all, I say if they look good on you go for it! :yes:
  5. I had these in the brown tort and lost them in the sea, I was SOOOO sad!! I have yet to replace them but they are just the best everyday glasses I have ever purchased
  6. I have them..very flattering on the face. I say yay.
  7. VERY cute! I say YES! LOVE the logo on the side!
  8. yes, they're hot!
  9. I have these and the camellias and love them both, I think of these as timeless!
  10. They are classic chanels, I don't think they will go out of style!
  11. I love these, I wish i could buy them, but I won't let myself because I have a pair of Diors that are way too similair.
  12. those are really cute!
  13. I like these, tried them on and allllmost got them...if they look good on your face then go for it. I think they are classic.
  14. I love those but they are too big for my face. I try them on just about every Chanel store and counter I can find and ask "are these too big" and so far, not a single SA has lied to me and said they werent too big. Too bad!! lol
  15. I love it too! I should say get...