Should I get these as my first pair of CL?!

  1. Ladies, it's a size 37, so is it a U.S. size 6? the seller said it was a 6, but reading some of the threads here, it's a size 7? I'm really confused.......
    I do not owe any designer shoes, these will be my first, any idea how they run? i wear a lot of nine west in size 5.5 and most other shoes size 6.
    Are they comft for 3 inch heels?
    Any ideas will help. Many thanks!
  2. A 37 is a 7. My advice is if you're going to buy your first designer shoe you need try them on in person. CL is very inconsistent with sizes and you need to be careful if you are not familiar with your size history in this brand.
  3. I think those CLs would probably fit a 36.5-37. I got the platform 4" yoyo zeppas and I had to go up 1/2 a size.
  4. I am a 6.5 and had to go up in size to a 7 in CL shoes.
  5. from your description of your shoe sizing it seems like a 36.5 in this style CL might be a better fit and the 37 would be a little too big unless your foot is really wide. I say dont shy away from purchasing without trying first, just post here to get recommendations on sizing for CLs and other high end designer shoes. I have rarely had the opportunity to try on CLs before purchasing them and I have made numerous successful purchases based on research and help from this forum.
  6. I would check those to see if they are authentic before buying them. That buy seems to be selling a lot of the same type for very cheap.
  7. ^^^They are authentic. I was prob. the first TPFer to purchase the higher heel yoyo and posted the link a while back and many others purchased them and have been very happy.

    As for sizing, I agree that you are probably a 36.5 from the other sizes you wear. If anything, ask the seller for specific measurements on the actual shoe up for auction, like INSIDE footbed measurement and width. Also perhaps the measurement of the toe box as that is usually the spot where people have trouble. I'm a US 9 generally and got a 40 in the 4" heel version and they are a tad big for me as my heel slips out of them, but if I went with a 39.5 I bet the toe box may have been a bit tight. Keep in mind I have only worn those particular ones one time, so the leather hasn't even had time to stretch. As somebody else said in another thread, the only thing consistent with CL is his sizing inconsistencies. It's like rolling the dice sometimes. lol Good luck with your first purchase. :smile:
  8. thanks so much for your suggestions ladies! I have emailed the seller several times for measurements and no response. I don't think I will purchased from him for such poor customer service. Got a coupon from Neiman's yesterday for $100 off so I will buy it this weekend. Feel like the coupon came just in wish me luck. DH is not too happy about me wanting to purchase these shoes but he'll have to get over it.......hehehe
    Thanks again!