should i get the ysl patent muse or miu miu leather coffer?

  1. hi! i'm undecided between these two bags. call me crazy, but im already looking for my fall bag, and so far i dont see anything that i like as much as these two. the oversized muse is the only bag that i like in patent leather. if i get the miu miu leather coffer, id have to sell my black balenciaga day since i dont want two black leather bags. what do you think? your opinions mean alot to me- thanks!!
  2. coffer but I'm biased - just bought the coffer last week. I don't have enough words to rave about my beautiful coffer!! Also, oversized muse is way too big for me.
  3. i'd say the coffer because i have one and it's a gorgeous bag. i get loads of compliments every time i take her out. i'm not a fan of patent unfortunately so i'm biased !
  4. Coffer!! I have two and still want more. It's one of the most all-around amazing bags of all time!
  5. The Muse is gorgeous (love Downtown too) but it is very different in style than the Coffer. The Muse is definitely more refined, not slouchy like the Coffer.

    I'm a little biased too because I just got the Coffer yesterday.

    If you don't want 2 black leather bags - what about the Coffer in black patent? It was a lot nicer and softer than I expected IRL. I will admit though, if I was getting patent leather ... I'd go for the Muse.
  6. I agree with rjez -- I think the coffer looks better in nappa. The patent leather distracts from the coffer's design IMO... It's a beautiful bag in the leather. I think the Muse is lovely in patent. It's a tough question because the Coffer and the Muse are such different looks. Sorry -- I'm not helping -- and I only own the Coffer, which I LOVE!
  7. I have the Coffer in black and it is a truly fabulous bag. It's soft but keeps its shape, it looks great and it holds a lot. I also like the fact it can be cross body, hand held or carried on the shoulder.
    Personally I don't like it in patent. If you don't want another black bag, how about looking at it in dark brown or the new mocha colour (which would look wonderful with black clothes).
  8. thanks so much for the helpful replys!! i am thinking that ill sell my balenciaga day and buy a black leather coffer and a black patent muse! lucky me!!! ill post pics soon... thanks!
  9. Congrats. =) Looking forward to your pics.
  10. Coffer.. the muse is just too biiig :smile:
  11. seeing as how you posted on the prada section for an opinion, i'm guessing you were leaning towards the coffer. :p

    but yes, the coffer. :graucho:
  12. Good plan - two bags are better than one, that's my motto!
  13. i also prefer the coffer...but if u can get both.....go for it!!

  14. :yahoo:Woo hoo! I'm getting one on Saturday :tup:!!!! I'm so excited. Thing is though, I'd have loved the suede, but it's finished now:push: - no-one stocks it where I live in uk or in London. Also, I wish I'd purchased it when it first came out as it's goine up in price by almost £250 :crybaby:!!!!!

    Bit like the Fendi Spy - I could have bought that when it first came out as it was around £800 now they START at £1,100!!!!! So I'll have to save for it if I want one.:crybaby:
  15. i'm having the same dilemma, have birthday money to spend...and have been in love with the coffer since it came out, but will be starting new career in august after graduating law was thinkin muse or downtown in black as a work bag...but i just love the coffer...choices choices!!!