should i get the ysl double bag?

  1. hey guys have been thinking about this for ages! i am about 70 % convinced i should as i think it would go with alot of outfits and can be used for day night, but since it is so expensive i really need to be 100%, what do you guys think? anyone here have one, if so can you post pics in here? also i can still buy them right, i havent missed the boat? lol:confused1:
  2. They're still at the boutique in both large and small sizes (at least in NY). I like the black/anthracite combo way better than the brown/gold
  3. really, i have always loved gold, do you think it would be practical for a day bag? i mean i know it has not pockets but i would think of something for that!
  4. Yeah, it's practical enough for a day bag, but it's not a shoulder bag (straps are too short). In the larger size, it's actually fairly roomy! I personally like the anthracite because it's muted and different looking. The gold is really bright, although I like the brown side a lot. For me, I like muted metallics better - but that's just me.
  5. I like the bag.
  6. I think it is a great bag and tons of fun. But I really am a fan of a bag that can go over the shoulder... go try it on if you can!
  7. the only thing thats stopping me from getting it is the price, do you guys really think its worth that much? and also i dunno i may just be me but it seems a little 'boxy'? but then again whenit comes to buying stuff i am over the top fussy about it
  8. Well, I have the anthracite/black smaller one. (Can't post pics because I am the only person I know of who doesn't have digital camera!) It's definitely not boxy at all, it is very slouchy and doesn't sit up on its own, in all the photos that show the bag sitting up it is stuffed. I would have preferred a shoulder bag and stuff tends to get lost in the bottom, as there are no pockets. I do like this bag, but don't use it every day, I put it in the "rotation" with my other bags. Hope this helps!!!!!!!
  9. I ordered this bag in the chocolate-gold combo without having seen it in person. I was disappointed and returned it. The leather is very thin and the bag is limp. There is no closure. The gold was screaming loud and the chocolate was kind of dead. It really did not have a quality feel for a bag over $1000. Hope that helps.
  10. i think you should definitely try it on, to make sure you love it especially considering the price. you will know if its love at first sight when you try it on, best of luck. let us knoe what you decide on.
  11. Hi Lauren,

    I too, was interested to buy this bag when it first came out, however, I heard that the metallic part is prone to scuffing and cracking. For the price, there are other bags that I can think of getting and which will last longer.

    But the best thing for you to do is go to the store and try it on yourself, then you can determine whether the pros outweigh the cons :smile:

    Good luck!
  12. don't!
  13. I share your sentiments:yucky:
  14. The double is LOOOOOVELY - so roomy and the metallic sides (be it gold or anthracite) makes it dressy enough for evenings (with a quirky little black dress and statement heels)
  15. I'm also wondering about getting this bag....when I saw it in the shop it was like love at first sight!!! I was thinking about getting the black/anthracite black one for everyday use, and I think it's actually ok to wear it over the shoulder (though not 100% sure)...I like the feel of the fine leather, the bottom and the feet that preserve the bag's shape when you put something heavy in it (unlike the muse) yet Im thinking
    1/compared to the muse for instance I think it's over priced
    2/Im worried about cracks on the metallic side and I want a fuss free bag where I can toss in my junk without worrying
    3/no pockets, IM always looking for my keys and phone... and it's annoying that it doesnt really close
    so Im still thinking..has anyone seen authentic ones on Ebay?