Should I get the Yellow Epi Alma??

  1. So the YELLOW epi... :graucho:
    What do you guys think? My dad's girlfriend is tired of hers, due to the color I guess. She asked me if I would want to buy it for $500 or I guess it will be going on ebay. I'm not sure what this bag retailed for since the color was dc'ed before at least a couple price jacks, but i'm sure $500 is still a good deal. And this bag is seriously almost BRAND NEW, she has only carried it a couple times.
    One thing I love about it is the yummy purple lining:love:. What would you wear with a yellow alma?
  2. hmm.. yellow seems like a very fun color.. and the deal is really sweet.. the purple lining does look fab.. but i really don't know what to tell you to wear with it! hopefully other pf'ers can help you out!
  3. i LOVE the yellow epi!!! i've been dying to get something in that colour, so yeah, i think thats a really good deal... you can wear it with jeans, white/black top and the yellow will add a bit of colour =) i hope you get it!!
  4. I knooooow... thats what we were discussing, because she was only able to wear it with black and white really. I do love the color but I am afraid I won't get the proper use out of it. It is a statement bag though.
    I think it could look pretty fab with PURPLE, i.e. a purple top with jeans! It's one of those odd color combinations that just go well in my opinion. Would you guys go for that combo or would I look like I got dressed in the dark!!
  5. Yes.
    wear it with jeans, suits, wth you want!! That is an outstanding bag. I think it will look great with fall colors & every Jewel tone out there.
  6. it is such a great colour with the purple interior! you will stand out with a yellow alma. the price seems reasonable for a close to mint condition bag, go for it. you can wear almost anything with this bag.
  7. I love the colour! It goes with pretty much everything, black, white, purple, blue, dark green..
  8. oh i love it! go get it! i love alma.... yummmmeee
  9. If you like it, I say get it! : )
  10. I LOVE that bag and the price is great as well .... I wouldn't hesitate :drool:
  11. ^ i agree. at that price u could always sell itlater. its hot color u can wear with anything
  12. Yellow Epi is FAB:yahoo:
  13. How much do you think it will go for on ebay? I'm not sure if she is offering only $500 because she thinks it is worth that, or because i'm a friend. Should I let her know that the bag is worth more?
  14. grab it and run! :graucho: seriously.... :shame:

    and don't try to match it with your outfit. just use it with everything especially during summer. it's much better to look nonchalant than contrived.
  15. Yes, yes, yes!!! I love yellow Epi... esp. w/ the purple lining!