should i get the yellow day w/ gaint gold....

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  1. should I get the yellow day with giant gold hardware?
    If I pass, would it be diffiult to get again? does anyone have pictures? thanks
  2. I think that your proposed bag sounds fantastic!!!
  3. That combination is awesome, you should stick with getting this one!
  4. Yup. I got on the lists for a bag with this hardware at the suggestion of the BNY buyer, who said it looked gorgeous. :tup:
  5. Oh yes...... Yellow Day with GGH! That would be a perfect combination!
  6. If you find and purchase that combo - PLEASE POST PICS!!!
  7. :yahoo::yahoo:I`m promised by BalNY to receive this
    excact bag.
    I might not get it in time to go to Europe with me.
    But I can still enjoy it later.
    It will be highly collectible, I bet.

    Grab one if you can.
  8. It sounds gorgeous to me. I have only seen pictures of the Juane with SGH and while I think that looks surprisingly stunning, I would be real curious to see Juane with the GGH. Can't wait to see pictures!!!!!
  9. I never thought about that combo... but it sounds sooo happy!
  10. :confused1:Do we have any pics of the yellow with gsh?