Should I get the whiteMC heart?

  1. LV Waikiki just called me and they have the white MC heart on hold for me until 2/8. I also put my name down for the pomme but its not in yet. Should I get it? What do you guys think?

    If anyone has it, do you love it? If anyone has both the pomme and the mc which one do you like better?

    Oh, and I have a pomme cles already but no mc pieces and no pastilles.

    Thanks in advance for your assistance!!!
  2. Get it of course!!
  3. Hi Riley!! I saw the MC and it is great. Seriously cute!! The only thing that was missing were the little pastilles (charms.... I'm not sure what they call them). Is the MC the same price?

    I think that the MC heart purse would be a great! You should definitely get it.

    Did Waikiki mention if they were getting any more of the Pomme hearts in?
  4. get it before I do!!! :graucho: :lol: :graucho: I think you should get it!!
  5. yes get it it doesn't have the charms but it's cute in a diffrent way I have both here are my real life pics may help
    MC Heart.JPG Pomme Heart.JPG
  6. Get it it's gorgeous!
  7. LOL, I made a mistake...I don't know why I wrote Waikiki because I waitlisted at Ala Moana. The white MC is the same price...but how much did you pay for your pomme? I was so excited that I forgot to ask how much I am going to have to slap down.
  8. I have both and like them equally. To me they are very different. The vernis because it is shiny and the MC because it is more mat. But I like the MC because of my MC stuff. I think it goes with all those bags . . . The vernis has the charms which kinda makes it a little cuter?? . . . sorry I'm not much more help lol :yes:
  9. get it get it get it get it!!!!
  10. you should just get it! I believe it's $330.
  11. I was wondering about Waikiki. It's kind of a pain for us to drive down there, but we ended up making a date out of it! :smile:

    My Pomme was $330. They had the MC too, but I just got the red. Did Ala Moana mention if they were getting more of the heart purses in? Both Waikiki and Ala Moana seem so secretive about the numbers. :shrugs:

    I really think that you should get the MC!!:yes:
  12. 330...I actually set aside 300 to buy something for myself...the thing that is going to kill me is if they then call me back about the pomme afterwards. I guess I should've asked about the pomme, but like I said I was so shocked when they called.

    Actually, here's my funny story for the day. My cell rang and it said private number so I assumed it was my mom so I said, "yah?" and it was LV!! I was so embarassed...from there I couldn't really speak and mumbled that I'd be by to pick up the heart tomorrow.
  13. :roflmfao: That's funny!! Sometimes I pick up the phone before the caller ID kicks in and assume it's my husband. Not good!

    Ala Moana's number always comes up as private. Hilton and Waikiki come up as Louis Vuitton. Kinda cool to see when Louis Vuitton is calling!
  14. Yah, I have all of their numbers in my cell and it usually says mom watches my daughter so I assumed that she was calling me to tell me something about her. LOL!
  15. So are you going to get it?