Should I get the white caviar chanel classic flap?

  1. Hi all, I am new in this forum. Today I saw two white caviar flap bags in Chanel. One is the classic double flap and the other one is single chain single flap (and the bag is longer, which I believe is a new style). Anyhow, I am struggling whether or not I should get it. I like caviar (too nervous to deal with lambskin) and I think white is the best color for caviar. BUT since I look kinda fat in pastel, white color clothes I usually wear darker and brighter color clothes and I am not sure if the colors from my clothes will get transfered to the bag.....though the SA said I can pay about $110 or so and they can send it to the factory to re-dye the bag if needed. Also, I am 26 and have baby face so I don't dress too mature, so I am not sure if a white caviar classic flap would look too mature on me. But I keep thinking about this bag tonight. HELP!

    The picture I am showing (picture from another fashion forum) is the single chain single flap I saw today. I think it looks cuter and younger than the double chain double flap classic bag.
    Chanel White Caviar Single Chain Flap Bag.jpg
  2. I think the classic flap bag in caviar is a classic look that you can never go wrong with!

    If you are asking about the color, that is your choice. Personally, I have been afraid of the white getting dirty so I've never bought white bags lol
  3. i was looking at that exact bag in the pic! its gorgeous! i say go for it!

    where did you see them?
  4. Then do you prefer the double flap classic? Or the one I showed on my 1st post?

    White really looks great with caviar leather. But I just don't know how it will fit my wardrobe!
  5. isnt the single chain, single flap like 995? it was last summer.
  6. They have it now! I guess white caviar flap bags in general just keep coming back since it is such a neutral color. But now it's $1050.
  7. ^ figures haha the price keeps increasing!!!!

    I want one now lol.
    are u in the USA?
    is it called the single chain, single flap? im going to call on monday and inquire about the white and the red.
  8. Yes I am in the US but I don't really know the official name of the bag. You like it more than the double flap classic bag too?
  9. For you at your age, I'd say for for the single chain, single flap. You'll like it more and use it more even in white. It has an "edge" to it that new and modern. Go for it!!!!
  10. hikaru, I LOVE the white and I love that it's single strap. I prefer bags this sized and a white caviar is young, cute, fashionable and very chic. I'd say go for it =)
  11. yeah deff like it more then the double flap.

    the size of the single is so much more cuter and sexier. It comes in red, black, white, a tan color and blue -dont know if this one is still being made- in two diff leather: lambskin, caviar...of course id go with caviar since its scratch free and will handle gently abuse.

    get the white one or the red one, those are my own choices. the white is hot as hell, but just have to make sure you keep it clean, but the red is KILLER. its such a hot sexy vibrant in your face color that would complete any outfit.
  12. IMO that's a very good price for a chanel classic bag in caviar. :yes: Does anyone know of its "official" name? or is it just called the single-flapped caviar classic bag? Uh-oh, I feel a tuck. :love:
  13. Pgurl, what type of blue is it? I'd go with the white myself...but if it's a baby blue (with silver hardware, of course), I'm all for it too!
  14. THAT BAG IS ADORABLE! get it!