:)should I Get The Vp Paillettes??!!

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  1. Hi girls ive been debating and debating over these shoes for hmmmm like over a week now!! the VP paillettes!! they are such a GORGEOUS shoe!!! and one of my HG!!! but do you think they are really worth it!! ill have to wait a whiiiiile for a next pair!! im gonna get them just a lil snug cause it was that or a lil loose in the heel!! i just need that lil extra push from my fellow addicts!! haha seriously though I LOVE THEM they are $$ though!! i feel a lil guilty especially after watching Oprah but i then i see her wearing CLs so GIRLS what would you do i dont need them but i so waaaant them??? should i get them? would you?help!!
  2. If you want them that badly get them :yes:. I have a pair of nude satin Lady Gres that I have never worn (partly because they are a bit too big, partly because it hasn't stopped raining here since January) but it's worth it every time I take them out of the box and pet them :roflmfao:
  3. If you're obsessing over them, get them. Are they worth it? Not for me, b/c I won't be wearing them that much, but if you'll get a lot of use out of them, then it would be worth it for you.
  4. I have a new motto...if you think of them for longer than 48 hours, buy them!!!! Dont take too long because you will end up like me...no more in you size! Then you will cry!
  5. i think they're beautiful. will you get as much wear out of them as another pair, i don't know. i know that i wouldn't but if you want them as that one special shoe you need for when you call out all the stops- i think they're great!
  6. Haha!! i like your motto!!
  7. :graucho::upsidedown:
  8. This is a tough one. I find it harder to enable when it is something that I would not get for myself. I am not huge on the paillettes, but I know what it is like to obsess over a CL that I do not need. IMO, if you have a shoe on your brain like this one, you have to get it. Once you do get it, you will be surprised by how much you end up wearing it because your heart is already in it. I do think the nude paillette VP is very pretty and getting the smaller size should be okay.
  9. Yes, they are beautiful! I love them in both the fushia and the salmon colored sequin. Get whichever color you will wear more!
  10. THANKS!! i know!! i deffinately dont need the shoe and probably wont wear it alot but i know every time i look at them ill feel so excited and silly!! i will display them in my room somewhere so i can look at them and smile!!! im embarressed to say i have a pair of booties thAT CL signed himself i LOVE them sooo much but i display them in my room istead of wearing them IM a DORK like that!!! but my CLs are very special to me!!
    arrgggh honnestly ive been sooooo bad lately especially since discovering this forum i really shouldnt mmmmmm but im mOST deff leaning towards getting them!!! yikes i might have to ban myself from this tpf after!! hehe
  11. YOu guys are killing me yes i know theyre sooooooooooo HOT!!!! i tried on the salmon but i WANT the fuschia!!!! they make me go googoo gaga and drool!!! oooooooohhhhh hmmmm so i guess it was a silly question!?hahaha but im hestiating and will thank everyone later!!!
  12. hehe i like to pet mine too!! and just look at them!!
  13. Sounds like you really really like them, so yes, get them!
  14. I think they are gorgeous. I was lusting after a pair also, but hestitated because of the price. If you love them, get them
  15. I agree that they are lovely. There is a photo of Rene Zellweger wearing the fuschia ones in the new InStyle mag. Even though they are outstanding, I wouldn't get them. They are too expensive for something that you won't get a lot of use out of. Also, (although we buy what we want and don't care so much sometimes of what our men think), any guy will think the fuschia pair look like "Wizard of Oz" shoes. They just won't get it.

    If you are on a ban anyway, I would just skip this pair IMHO.