Should I Get The Vp Paillettes??!!

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  1. Hi girls ive been debating and debating over these shoes for hmmmm like over a week now!! the VP paillettes!! they are such a GORGEOUS shoe!!! and one of my HG!!! but do you think they are really worth it!! ill have to wait a whiiiiile for a next pair!! im gonna get them just a lil snug cause it was that or a lil loose in the heel!! i just need that lil extra push from my fellow addicts!! haha seriously though I LOVE THEM they are $$ though!! i feel a lil guilty especially after watching Oprah but i then i see her wearing CLs so GIRLS what would you do i dont need them but i so waaaant them??? should i get them? would you?help!!
  2. If you love them, you should get them! If you love them that much, you'll definitely get a lot of us out of them I don't wear high heels, but I have certainly indulged my obsession with Lanvin ballet flats.