Should I get the Tribtoos? And which size?

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  1. Hi all, I am unsure about purchasing the Tribtoos as I'm worried that walking in them will be a problem. I have wanted them for a while and have been waiting for them to come in stock and now they have arrived. I'll have to do a mail order as I don't live near a boutique and they don't offer refunds for unsuitable items. Also, which size? I am a size 38 in Louboutin Declic and Simple Pump which is my regular size but I've heard that the Tribtoos come up large. Any advice much appreciated. Thanks!
  2. Honeybunch, I'm moving your thread to our shoe subforum, because more Tribtoo veterans hang out there and you are more likely to have your questions answered.
  3. Thank you Cosmopolitan.
  4. I've had two pairs of Tribtoos and I find they're either TTS or at most half a size down - that's my experience anyway. They're not as easy to walk in as the original Tribute pumps but considering their height they're extremely good and easy to get used to. Other members might have other opinions though.
  5. Thanks Rosalynn. I tried the 38 a while ago and felt the toes were fine but slight slippage at the back because I was wearing them with tights. I was worried the half size down might crush my toes though.
  6. You're welcome :smile:

    My sister is the same size as me (37) and finds them fine at that size too. Also one of my friends bought a pair and commented she perhaps should have gone a half down but has since bought another two pairs in the same size so I think TTS is the way to go in my experience.
  7. Thank you all. What about the walking in the higher version? Any comments on this?
  8. Takes a bit of getting used to, but they're probably the easiest heels that high to walk in, and a lot better than a lot of shorter heels too.
  9. This is good to hear. I just need to be brave and take the plunge. The heel height really scares me!!
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