Should I get the Tiffany Platinum Diamond Full Heart Ring?

  1. I am thinking about getting Tiffany's platinum diamond full heart ring by Elsa Peretti to wear on my right hand. Here is a picture, but it cuts off part of the ring... so I attached the link. I wear a David Yurman pave diamond metro ring on my right hand which like this ring is about .50 ctw pave diamonds. Is both rings together too much "pave diamond" for everyday? should I get this Tiffany ring?? Opinions please!
    [​IMG]Tiffany Elsa Peretti Platinum Diamond Full Heart Ring

    The link to the ring:
  2. Why not wear what you love everyday? Pave as much as you want girl, I think you know you deserve it:winkiss:
  3. ^^ I agree, my thoughts exactly!
  4. haha thanks! any opinions about the ring?:s
  5. I think it is beautiful and so special in platinum. Not sure about wearing it with your DY ring. I would have to see them together.
  6. It's very pretty and I like pave diamonds a lot. They remind me of the sparkling roads in the Wizard of Oz!
  7. I have started wearing a pave Heidi Klum pendant,all the time,I think its alright to wear it all the time.I think if you love the ring get it,you can always alternate,and if you go somewhere where both will look great you can bling up to the nines!!!!!!
  8. to be honest, i find it extremely overpriced for what it is. it's ok if you're into that sort of cutesy/girlie style but nothing special IMO.
  9. I think it is very pretty and Tiffany's pave work is beautifully done.
    I used to hate pave until I saw WELL-MADE pave.
  10. it is sooo beautiful! I can't get on the website, what is the retail??
  11. $3950 :sweatdrop:
  12. i don't love it...honestly, i couldn't tell it was a heart. i think it might be overpriced.
  13. Wow- expensive for .5 in pave! I like it, but I would not be able to swallow the price tag!
  14. I actually like how its not a very obvious heart shape, its a bit fluid. I know it does seem like a lot of the amount of diamonds and I know you are paying a lot for the platinum and the Tiffany name... I already have the Tiffany diamond signature ring in white gold but this ring has more diamonds! I haven't seen the full heart ring in person and I don't have a Tiffany near me so I am thinking of ordering it and seeing if I love it in person...

    Here is the Tiffany 18k signature ring I currently wear on my left hand:

  15. I love the signature ring.
    If you wear it, why not. A girl can never have too much bling.

    I love tiffany too :love: