Should I get the tattersall satchel (12222) or the tote (12220)??

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  1. I cannot for the life of me make up my mind whether to purchase the tote 12220 or the satchel, and I've been thinking about this for days now!! Please HELP!!

    For those of you that own the satchel or tote, please let me know how you like yours. Does the satchel fit on the shoulder, and is it comfortable?? I've only seen the tote IRL, hence the dilemma!

    Any advice appreciated!! Thanks so much!! :flowers:
  2. I'm sorry, I don't have either, but I LOVE the satchel! In fact, I almost wish I would have gotten the satchel instead of the HS tote, but it didn't come in pink, so I didn' But I'd go w/ the satchel! It's so cute and fun!
  3. I would be curious to know if the satchel can be worn over the shoulder because that might be the dealbreaker for me, personally. I like to wear my bags over my shoulder or at least have the option too if I need a free hand. But if you don't care about that, go for the satchel!
  4. It's a personal choice, IMO. Take everything into want to enjoy your new bag!
    I am getting the tote this week!:yahoo:
  5. Thanks everyone for your input!! :flowers:

    I am very attracted to the satchel style, but have a feeling the tote would be a bit more comfortable for me. I guess I could order the satchel and see what's it like, and then return it for the tote if I didn't like it. The thing is I have other bags that are basic totes, whereas the satchel is a bit of a departure from my normal style.

    I'm with Fasionista, though...I like the option to put the bag on my shoulder when I need to!
  6. i say go for the tote too! I am a tote girl :smile:

    I am trying to find some jeans to throw on and go take a modeling pic for you. I am pretty sure it fit on my shoulder, but I don't remember.

  8. Oh, PLEASE do that!! Thank you, thank you!! :flowers: That would be so helpful!!
  9. I bought the tote and I'm a little disappointed with it. I think I would have rather gotten the satchel to be honest. My concern with the satchel was that I didn't feel it was comfortable on my shoulder (due to my fat arms)-but then again, the tote isn't that great either unless you get the larger tote. I haven't completely made up my mind yet what to do so for now the tote remains in the bag with her tags on.
  10. here I am with the satchel on my shoulder - I had no problems carrying it this way through the day

  11. I have the Heritage Stripe brown satchel and just love it! I like that it closes all the way across and is very light to carry.

    It fits under my arm with no problem, but I like to carry it in the crrok of my arm. It also has the side turn lock pockets that the tote doesn't have.

    There are many totes but I feel the satchel is a unique shape. I have been carrying mine since I picked it up PCE week along eith some accessories.

    Renie- nice modeling pic- isn't that Leslie Blodgett of Bare Escentuals?
  12. I like the satchel better. My friend ordered one and its soooo cute! But the bag doesnt seem like it'd be comfortable on the shoulder so if you're looking specifically for a shoulder bag I'd go with the tote
  13. if u already have a few totes, then my suggestion would be to go with the satchel..something different eh..
    but of coz if u don like it, u can always xchange it with the HS tote..
  14. Renie really sells that satchel! Not only do I think that you should get the satchel, but now, I want one!;)
  15. me too... i have been thinking about this bag alot this weekend, i never realized how much i love the tatersall pattern until i got the wristlet, and wow, i am in love with it.