Should I get the Stratus PM? I need your advice.

  1. I found a store that still has the Stratus PM (Ecru) in stock. I really want it but am wondering if it will suit me. I'm only 5'4", 145lbs. Do you think this bag would be too big for me and look overpowering? Need help ASAP!!! I have the bag on hold until tomorrow. TIA.

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    Also, does anyone who has it have problems with the shoulder straps? Do they stay on or are they constantly sliding off (I hate when that happens!)
  2. oh my gosh! I would definitely get it! It is an amazing bag! Good luck - I know it's pressure - please post pics if you get that beauty!!!!
  3. It would look fine IMO. If you had said GM, then I'd say yes, but the PM is rather small anyway so it'll look ok.

    As for the shoulder straps, I talked to an SA last weekend about the Cloud bags and she told me that the main complaint about the Stratus is about the double straps, especially since they're puffy.
  4. There's plenty of ppl that will enable you here. :graucho:
    I don't have the Stratus, but I can vote for the Ecru color.

    Here's my Nimbus and how is compares to my size (5'2" and working on these #'s, 135 lbs - gained 40 of it through having 3 kids :smile: ):


    Here's what fits inside:


    I hope you are able to make a good decision. :tup::yes:;)
  5. u should def. get it.! i got a beige one and i'm only 5'3 and around 90 lbs. it doesn't look big on me at all :smile: U'll LOVE IT!
  6. You should get the Stratus PM. The ecru colour is tdf.

  7. Do the straps stay on your shoulder? I usually don't buy bags that have double straps because one of them also seems to slide off.
  8. The straps DO slide off, that drives me crazy

  9. Thanks, pinkyohana. The bag looks great on you. I really like the Nimbus as well. I've WL for the upcoming PM in Anthracite and Perle.
  10. I would definitely get it!
  11. It is a gorgeous bag...but yea...the straps will fall off!!
  12. Thanks for your quick replies. I really like the bag, but don't know if I can stand having the straps constantly slide off. Wish it only had one strap like the Nimbus. I really like the color though. Think it looks dreamy....

    I like the Nimbus too, but don't want to get that cuz I've already WL'd for the Nimbus PM in both colors.
  13. Does anyone know if the bag sags on the bottom after you put your stuff in it?
  14. I agree, drives me nuts that one of the staps always falls off..But if there is a store that still has it GET IT, it's a beautiful bag LE.
  15. No..But I do carry a lot of stuff in it, it's just perfect...Get it is LE. :yes: