Should I get the Speedy Perfo?

  1. Pros and cons please of this Limited Edition Speedy. Thanks!!!
  2. I dont own one. But i think it is beautiful.
  3. I don't have one, but I think they are really cute. It's different than a regular mono speedy with a hint of color.
  4. I like the extra little color
  5. I carried the fuschis one for a few months. I really liked it! I did get alot of "is that a dog carrier" comments, but things like that do not bother me! I thought a I saw a green one on Elux the other day! Let us know what you get!
  6. If you can find one, get it! I have the Musette (fuchsia) and Pochette (green) and love them!
  7. Get it! I also looking for one, in green :smile:

    PRO: It's LE and roomy enough

    CON: cowhide can turn darker ( but if you wrap with ribbon or clear plastic, I believe you'll be able to avoid this issue ).

    So, get it ;)
  8. I have the Fuschia Perfo Speedy 30 and I adore it. It has a little more structure than my Mono Speedy 30 and the perforation allows more light in the interior. I think it can be sporty or dressy. :tup:
  9. What color you're looking for?

    For me, I want in green since my bf asked me to resell mine in green ( I purch. from a friend but I still love green ) & exchange with pink :s
  10. Get it! I have the speedy in fushia and i love it! I agree with Sunshine though, i have gotten quite a few is there a dog in there? questions....that would be the only con that i had but its not that big of deal to me either, i just had to be careful not to sound *****y when i replied. ;)
  11. I bought a brand new green perfo from the LV at Caesars Palace in Las Vegas a little more than a month ago. They still had two more and they are available on eluxury too. I already have a speedy 30 and debated on whether I should get the perfo too. It was between the perfo speedy and a couple of other things or a black MC speedy and I went for the perfo. It is a LE, I love the color green and its unique. I think the only thing that scares me a bit is if I get it wet, the lining will get wet too.
    I say go for it!
  12. if you love the extra color to spice up the speedy, then go for it!
  13. Thanks guys!!! I got the green and it's arriving tomorrow!!! Will post pics. I hope I LVoe it.:yahoo:
  14. Definitely, defifinitely go for it!!! I made a HUGE mistake when I sold mine. I miss it sooooo much now. :cry: