Should I get the Roses Pochette *poll*

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Should I get the Roses Pochette

  1. Yes, it's adorable!

  2. No, you already have the Speedy and the Scarf. Move on!

Multiple votes are allowed.
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  1. As you might have guessed - I'm in love with the Roses line!:love:

    I've got the Speedy and the silk Scarf, but I still want the Pochette. I kind of think it's silly, I've already got two pieces from the collection, but seeing it on display made me want it even more. I think it would be a fun evening bag... I need advice!
  2. If you love it go for it!!!
  3. How about saving and getting something from the Graffiti line? If you don't like anything from Graffiti when it comes out, then get the Roses Pochette.
  4. I'm a terrible enabler, but I say get it! If you don't love it as much as the Speedy and scarf, you can always return it.
  5. I say yes - I love matching sets. And I like the smaller purse - you can use it daily in your speedy and as a evening bag. It is a fun collection.
  6. ^^^hehe me too I'd say since you allready have 2 items you might as well get the 3rd.
  7. This line is really starting to grow on me. I would get one if I wasn't on a ban. Go for it!:tup:
  8. Yes, get it!
  9. I say Yes!!!!! But, I'm in the same boat, I bought the speedy and I still really want the pochette even though I don't need a 2nd item from this line!
  10. GET IT! Not silly at all!
  11. Get it! It will sell out soon, and then you will be obsessing about finding one on the secondary market - that is if you are at all like me...
  12. Of course you should get it!
  13. The pochette was probably my favourite piece from this line. It's quite practical - you can use it as a clutch or as a makeup bag in a larger purse, plus the price point is reasonable.
  14. I only wanted the Speedy too ~ but came home with the Pochette and the scarf as well ... go for it! It's a definite cutie!
  15. i only wanted the NF.... but came home with the pochette~ i LOVED the scarf as well, but my LV had wrong price tag on it (it had $890 price tag!!!!) so i passed it then... but i'm still thinking about getting the scarf!

    pochette is def. cute!:heart::heart::heart::graucho: