Should I get the rose Prada fairy?

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  1. Ever since Prada's S/S 07 fairy collection came out I've been craving a fairy bag. Last year I bought the nylon version of the Fairy bag (forget what the official name is) but I still want to get the leather version.

    I found one on EBay for $1700 Canadian which I think is a really good deal considering most of them are going for between $2000 and $3000.

    The only problem is I just moved into a new condo and I have some bills to pay which should take me a month to finish off paying.

    So my question to you is: Should I buy my dream bag and be in CC debt a bit longer, or should I say "screw it" and be prudent and not buy the bag?

    Here is a pic!

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  2. No contest: pocket your credit card and save your money. Your NEW HOME (CONGRATS!) should be your #1 priority. There's always things you'll need in a new home and it's really dangerous right now to use/abuse your credit cards. The credit card companies are looking at accounts with a microscope right now.

    Don't risk it. Wait. This one came along. I guarantee another will come along again.
  3. second that PP! if you believe you can pay off you credit card on top of your bills, then buy it! otherwise, your home should be #1 priority for now. the perfect one will come along :smile:!
  4. I also agree. I would save my money and wait for another Fairy to come along! Keeping my fingers crossed for you!:smile:
  5. You guys are absolutely right. As soon as I saw your replies, I instantly closed the ebay window and told myself I would not give in and buy it. Credit card debt and apartment come first!

    Although I really hope that another good deal pops up soon...I've been waiting for this bag for so long!

    Thanks for your advice!!
  6. :woohoo: EXCELLENT DECISION!!! :woohoo:
  7. ^^ I second that...excellent decision!
  8. Family first, then handbags, and don't want to go into debt over handbags!!!

    Congrats on your decision and Wahoo congrats on new condo--enjoy!!
  9. Family before purses.
    House before purses.
    Credit card debt before purses.

    Until you are absolutely comfortable financially to buy this purse, you should chant this mantra:
    "My will is strong. My wallet is closed. I will NOT shop."

    I learned this from watching Confessions of a Shopaholic!! :P
  10. LOL thanks linpaddy! I will be chanting this mantra!

    And everyone, thanks for helping me with my willpower! If I've waited this long for the bag, I can definitely wait longer until I can really afford it.:P
  11. And look at it this way: if you wait a while longer, the "Fairy Craze" will have died down, so the prices will drop. Win-Win in my book! ;)
  12. Amen, smart decision! My company has been laying off people left and right (thankfully I am still standing!) ... at the height of this my big wishlist bag surfaced on Bluefly, I passed. I bought a few much cheaper Prada goodies at the sales...I know the dream bag will resurface if it's meant to be :smile: Congrats on your condo--as much as I love bags (and shoes) home and hearth are MUCH more important!!
  13. Just look at it this way, you have a Holy Grail now and it is a lot of fun hunting one of those down. PLUS you get to walk around all smug because you're so mature! ;)
  14. :graucho: exactly!

    I am quite proud of myself for not giving in. In the past I would have gone for it without a care, but I have more responsibilities now. I know I will get it eventually, and it will be worth the wait!
  15. Congrats on your decision! Definitely the way to go in my book.