Should I Get The Red Satin Clutch???

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  1. Does anyone have the satin clutch? I have an opportunity to get it in red but I'm scared it will be hard to take care of. Help!
  2. Yes someone here has it, check "the post your reds here" thread
    It s very pretty:smile:
  3. OK! Thanks.....any idea how it will hold up with wear???
  4. Hi, I have the red satin clutch. It's really beautiful and I think you will love it. Have used it 5 or 6 times. I think being a dressy bag, you would use it on special occasions therefore it is not going to suffer from everyday wear and tear. The red is such a vibrant colour and a clutch bag, for me anyway, makes a change from a shoulder bag.
  5. Here it is:
  6. Bijoux, I don't have it, but I don't recommend getting satin. The only satin bag that I ever owned was ruined the first time I carried it. I was out to dinner and placed it on the table (the bag was small). Condensation from my water class crept across the table and touched the bag. It was stained and ruined. I really wanted to cry. Maybe you would have better luck than me? I just feel like it is too much to worry about. A metallic red leather reissue would make a great evening bag and would be more durable.
  7. it is sooo gorgeous! :love: ~ i would buy it just so i could look at it! lol!
  8. It is a great looking bag!!!

    I think it depends on how often you are going to use it and your life style. I personnally would not buy an expensive bag in satin since it seems to me like a high maintenance bag. I saw a Chanel hot pink satin bag at NM last call before, which was in totally bad shape. I guess it was because people just threw it around.
  9. Personally I would not buy this bag. I would rather save and get a leather clutch.
  10. Maybe you can try getting your hands on the red leather classic clutch?

    I feel that for the price, getting a satin clutch would be a risky investment -because satin shows stains/wear easily... and keep in mind this is a HAND carry bag

    ... although it IS very pretty!
  11. Buy it. It's soooo pretty. And it actually looks roomy for a clutch. I'm sure that if you get a tiny stain on it, there is a very very good purse cleaner that can get it out.
  12. Id get leather..One stain or snag on it and Id cry!!
  13. Thanks for everyone's advice and input! I'm considering all my options! I'll let you know what I decide!
  14. omggggg thats so gorgeoussss- im almost speechless lol
    if u dont mind me asking- how much does that cost?
  15. That's so pretty! I don't think I could bring myself to use it either for fear of damaging it. I have been secretly wishing for the black one though. :girlsigh: