Should I get the quilted blake OR venetia?

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  1. I can only afford one and I seriously CAN NOT decide which one is nicer. Of course they are both gorgeous - what do you ladies think?
  2. I vote for the quilted blake. I'm being bias. I have a quilted blake and LOVE it to death. I can't say I'm a fan of the venetia.
  3. My vote is for the quilted Blake. I don't have any real world experience with either, since I don't own them. Maybe the Blake someday.... The Venetia looks fab, but I know that the buckle strap would bother me. Are you able to seem them both IRL?
  4. I vote for the Blake!
  5. I have seen the blake in real life but not the venetia. I love the way the blake looks but I like the pics of the Venetia I have seen online.
  6. I guess another consideration is how you prefer to wear it? I don't have a Venetia but from what I know for the most part it's a hand held bag or you can cradle it on your arm. An option is-- you get the Venetia with the chains that will allow you to carry the bag on your shoulder.
  7. Blake! It is gorgeous :love: You can carry it on your shoulder, your arm or with your hand. IMO, it's very versatile and the compartments are great. It is a little on the heavy side but it looks good so I don't mind!
  8. Studying for the LSAT so I'm going to diagram this like a logic game:

    If you want to be able to carry it comfortably on your shoulder, then Blake.
    If you like multiple compartments or organization in your bag, then Blake.
    If you want a more traditionally elegant look (and don't mind hand/arm bags), then Venetia.
    If you like your bags to have one big roomy space, then Venetia.


    They're both great bags. If you have any stores near you that carry MJ, I do recommend going and playing with a Venetia IRL. You may wind up feeling strongly either way about it.
  9. i love my grey quilted venetia :biggrin:
  10. are there specific colors you are considering? the quilted blake was not made in the same colors as the soft calf, patchwork, or quilted venetia-which were also released in different colors among themselves. also, just so you're aware, the blake does not come with chains. the patchwork and quilted venetia are the only venetias that come with chains.
  11. I love the Venetia!
  12. What did you decide to get? I'm considering these bags as my next MJ purchase, but I need to check them out in person. I recently saw someone carrying the Blake and I started drooling. However, I dislike bags with compartments. But, I only use shoulder bags, so that rules the Venetia out.

    I'm quite thrilled with my Black Stella so maybe I should just stick with that. But I'd love to hear what you decided to do!
  13. aaahhhh! this is bringing back painful memories! logic games were the worst section of the lsats. for me anyway. bleh.

    good job though. i was going to choose the quilted venetia. i never fell in love with the blake like many others did. the "traditionally elegant" line really succeeded in converting the converted. :yes:
  14. I definitely vote for the Blake! :smile:
  15. I am pretty set on the blake ladies, but when I went to the store - they didn't have any in anymore!! I am on a wait list :sad: