Should I get the PSM? Buyers remorse?

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  1. Debating on getting a Palm Springs Mini for my birthday in May.. anyone think the tiny backpack is worth the $2500+ price tag? Does anyone who owns one have buyers remorse for any sort of reason or would you recommend this bag and why?
  2. I bought it over 2 years ago, used it, had quality problems, got an exchange and now I don’t use it as much. When it was my newest bag I used it all the time but since I bought my Chanel minis I tend to use those now more often than not. I still use it, but I don’t reach for it as much, as I worry it will have another quality issue. It’s a cute bag and fits a lot. If you think you’ll use it then buy it. It’s a fun bag to style and wear.
  3. thanks for your reply! was it a quality issue with the zipper? i heard that they came out with an improved version where they fixed a common zipper issue everyone was having.
  4. I find this bag passé already, but if you love it and plan on using it then go for it. It’s all very subjective.
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  5. I’ve bought it twice and sold it twice. It’s really cute. It really is. But I was constantly worried about the sharp corners of the front pocket, that they’ll get rubbed/worn. And the strap attachments. And the zipper. I treated it so gently lol. It just got too inconvenient to worry about all these things. Also, after a while, I felt the “little backpack” look is a bit gimmicky. So I’ve gone back to using “normal” mini bags.
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  6. Are you thinking of the denim patchwork? Skip that material. I like the look of canvas more. I bought a look-a-like from MCM. Cost way less and I have less issue to worry about.
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  7. I've bought this bag last week and hold it for the first time in my hands. Yes, maybe the trend is passé, but I love this cutie and I see myself using it a lot :smile: That's the thing with trends: they dictate us what we have to love for how long we have to love it.
    My bag is perfect, no flaws and I think I don't have to baby it. I've read all the comments about bad quality, but everything is fine.
    Worth it? That's another thing: None of the luxury bags is worth the money. You will get Mini Backpacks from other brands, well made, for a small piece of the price. No other person can answer this for you, it is a lot money.
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  8. So I have owned 3 and sold 3. Firstly the mono OM, which I sold as the zip was awkward. But I was still loved the bag and when a reverse PSM was for sale on a preloved site I thought that would be love at first sight! Unfortunately, I was really disappointed with the reverse colour in real life. It’s actually very dull so I sold it on.

    When they brought out the NM with the zip update I bought it again. It went in and out my cupboard for 2 weeks then I sold to a consignment store (for more than I paid!). It is the end of the road for me and PSM. We are not a compatible couple it seems.

    My negatives are the size (just too small to be carefree as you have to organise everything inside) and the fact that it’s a backpack, but I’d never wear as a backpack as it does not sit right (for me).