Should I get the Pochette or.....?

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  1. So I am debating what to get. I just recently purchased my first and only lv speedy 30 in mono. Now I am trying to decide do I purchase the pochette in damier ebene to use as a clutch or do I keep that money and save for the totally mm?
  2. Get the pochette and get the totally later.
  3. Totally. Because u might want other fancier looking clutch down the road. Like Eva, favourite, milla or other brand's clutch. IMO your desire to clutch will outgrow the pochette in no time.

    Since it is much cheaper, less price increase compared to totally, get the totally first, while saving up u can really decide if there is any other clutch you prefer. Just to prevent u found a cuter clutch and the pochette simply turn into a interior bag organiser.
  4. I would save for the Totally:smile:
  5. Ditto!
  6. Is there going to be another price increase?

  7. i would get the new bigger pochette that's coming out in DE on OCT 1st!! i have it in the mono... and it's fabby!!! i will be getting the DE one also :graucho:.... you can use it as a clutch, on your shoulder(the strap is thicker and longer) and in your speedy to organize your stuff!!! there is even a little pocket inside!!
  8. I would go for Totally
  9. totally. good luck!
  10. I would save for Totally
  11. i would get the totally mm first and then the pochette :smile:
  12. I would get the "new" Pochette on Oct 1. You will be surprised on you much you will use it.
  13. Agreed! Sometimes saving up you find you no longer want a certain item that you did when you had no money-- then you find something even better! Lol
  14. This!!!!!!! I totally agree!!! When I got my pochette I wasn't sure I was gonna use it that much and now I can say it's one of my most used bags! More than my other LVoes! I think the pochette is super confy, useful and convenient!
  15. One more vote for the new pochette, I use my regular pochette A LOT and the new one is even more versatile. It's a great, useful, practical piece :tup: